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SELECTING THE Sink in the kitchen


Select a sink in the kitchen</a>

A wide range of kitchen sinks allows you to make a purchase that suits you, will be in harmony with the kitchen furniture, have the functionality you need, and arrange it with a price.

Choice of washing

Take measurements in your kitchen. Sink should ideally fit into the kitchen in its dimensions, for this you must accurately measure the size of the countertop, as well as take into account the size of the dishes that you will wash in the sink. If you often use large baking trays, it is best if they are completely placed in the sink. Write down the numbers and go to the store, only carrying a sheet with these measurements. Let the sink be small, but it will suit your kitchen, but the huge one will be very uncomfortable in a small kitchen.

Choose a sink from a well-known manufacturer,Let it be more expensive, but you do not have to change it in a year. It will last you at least 10 years, especially since quality cleaning always has a long-term manufacturer's warranty.

Sinks can be of very different design, choiceKitchen sink in appearance is only a matter of taste, but still you can give one piece of advice - it's better if the sink will fit the style of your kitchen set. Now you can find a sink of any, the most bizarre shape, but the standard rectangular remains the most convenient.

Make sure that the sink can be installed in the way you want. For example, in some cases it is inconvenient to use an overhead sink, then the sink must have the possibility of a hinged installation.

Modern sinks can be equipped with a specialA device for collecting food waste, such shells are very convenient, they separate the garbage from water and collect it in a special container, which is then very easy to clean. Even if such a device is not provided, the kitchen sink must necessarily be provided with a grate on the drain hole.

Washing is a fragile thing, so when transporting it, try to treat it very carefully.

Most of the kitchen work is connected with a sink: According to estimates, a person engaged in cooking, holds a sink 60% of the time. Modern sinks allow you to make work at the sink much more comfortable and faster, so it's better not to save on it. If possible, choose a larger sink, with several tanks. Sinks with two bowls are very convenient for washing and rinsing dishes at the same time, for cleaning vegetables and defrosting various products.


The most common washing from steel. If the steel sink has a small price, then the steel from which it is made is of very low quality and can rust. The steel in expensive car washes is alloyed with chrome and nickel, therefore such washes do not change at all with time, they are not afraid of not only water, but also chemically aggressive substances. Metal shells rustle when they fall in a stream of water, so some models are also equipped with sound absorbers. Steel sinks can be welded and stamped: stamped are cheap, but have a depth of not more than 15 cm, welded can be arbitrarily deep.

Stainless steel sink has many advantages, but someone may not like its boring metal color, for these buyers bright ceramic bowls are more suitable.

Now the sinks are made not only from steel, stone and composite materials, but even from glass and ceramic materials.

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