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SELECT parquet: oak or beech?

Choosing flooring: oak or beech?

If you decide as a floor covering inapartment to use parquet which is considered to be one and the most expensive and prestigious building materials, its strength and durability are very important.

Currently, flooring made from many species of trees, including exotic, but the most popular types of flooring are beech and oak.

From the choice of wood depends not only colorparquet, but also its durability and strength as the mechanical properties of wood from different species differ greatly. Beech parquet refers to light types, this group also includes ash, birch, pine, maple and larch. By the dark parquet and black varieties include mahogany, walnut. Parquet from oak, cherry, teak and hornbeam occupy an intermediate position.

The main properties of beech parquet

Beech parquet, referring to the light varieties,It can change its color when changing the angle at which it falls the light rays. This is one of the most beautiful types of flooring, which gives the room a special soft comfort, often it is put in the offices, nurseries and bedrooms. The color and texture of natural, environmentally friendly material - beige and gray, brushed with a light reddish-yellow shade, structure - a dense and homogeneous, without the express pattern of annual rings.

Woodblock flooring having a thickness of from 8 to 22 mm, allow several times to update the work surface via Scraping machines, and significantly extend the life of the parquet.

According to the density of beech and oak gives moreextent susceptible to moisture. As a result of moisture, not even very long, beech parquet can greatly deformed as stretch and shrink in size. In areas where increased or variable humidity, beech parquet is better not to use - it can develop cracks and gaps.

The main properties of oak parquet

This is the most durable and all types of flooring. According to Russian classification it belongs, along with exotic wood species, category A, all other kinds of parquet - for category B. With increased strength undoubted advantage of oak parquet is considered to be its relative cheapness, for example, when compared with black and mahogany. This flooring is perfect for those rooms, where increased permeability - the hallways and living rooms. It can also be used in the kitchen, since it is not as sensitive as beech, low temperature and high humidity.

If you use a protective coating of several layers of lacquer, oak flooring can be laid even in the bathroom.

The color of oak flooring has a fairly widerange of wood shades and can vary from light brown to brown tones. The texture of it depends on the conditions of growth of the trees and the thickness of the annual rings. Oak flooring will last you much longer time than beech.

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