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Choice of country heating system


Building a house is a complex and long-lasting oneA process that requires solving a set of tasks. One of these tasks is the right choice of heating system in your home. Most often in the country houses there is no central heating, so the only way out is to install an independent heating system. Heating systems are classified according to the type of fuel: coal or wood, natural gas, liquefied gas, diesel fuel.

Heating using natural gas

Today, heating is widely used on naturalGas. First of all, this is due to the low cost of raw materials and high efficiency. If the gas pipeline is located in the vicinity of the house, then this option is the most optimal heating option. If there is no gas pipeline nearby, it is better to use another method, since gas pipeline laying is a very expensive process.

Coal heating

This method of heating is often chosen because of the lowCost of raw materials. However, coal heating is not the most effective. It can only be used to heat small rooms. Other disadvantages include the inability to automate the supply of fuel, the formation of harmful substances in the process of combustion, the need for waste disposal.

Heating with diesel fuel

One of the few advantages of this typeHeating is an automatic fuel supply. The disadvantages are much more: an unpleasant smell during combustion, the formation of harmful emissions, a relatively high cost of fuel.

Electric heating

This is one of the most common speciesHeating. It is chosen because of the convenience, environmental friendliness, the ability to automate the heating process. The only drawbacks are the relatively high cost of fuel, as well as the need for power from reliable power plants.

Heating with LPG

When using this kind of heating inThe quality of fuel is a liquefied hydrocarbon, which is a mixture of propane and butane. Such fuel does not have a negative impact and completely burns without emitting harmful emissions. When using LPG heating, local gas supply is necessary. The gasification procedure is rather expensive, but the fuel costs are minimal.

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