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Selecting jigsaw

Electric jigsaw - one of the most popular hand tools. With it, you can perform a lateral, longitudinal and shape cutting of various sheet materials.

This unit is valued as a handyman and professionals for its ease of use and versatile.

Domestic or professional

Household jigsaws have a small workinglife, low power and a fairly limited set of additional functions. Typically, these models are suitable for cutting steel products to 0.4 cm thick, of wood -. 7 cm Total time recommended for domestic tool is about 20 hours per month. Of course, domestic models in comparison with professional lower cost.

To professional Jigsaw imposedmore demanding, as they have to withstand severe loads to be as convenient as possible and have a high productivity. Professional tools can cut steel with thickness up to 1 cm, aluminum - up to 2 cm and the timber -. To 8-14 cm Its value depends on the power, the presence of additional features and brand popularity.

Additional functions

Choosing a jigsaw, note the handletool. It can be a mushroom or skoboobraznoy. This does not affect the quality of work, but an instrument with a mushroom-like handle is comfortable to work on an inclined plane, and use a jigsaw to skoboobraznoy handle makes the cutting line easily visible.

Nail files can be attached with screws or clamping device. The first system is more convenient because it allows you to quickly change the fabric without the use of special tools.

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Most modern models of Jigsawpresent pendulum mechanism. He tells sawing motion across and helps implement the cut material only when moving up. This feature extends the life of the saw blade, makes work more productive, but not for the better can affect the quality of the cut. So when there is a need to get the finishing cut, this option is better off. Also, there is no need to use a pendulum movement when working with solid wood and sheet steel.

Another useful function is to work with differentmaterials - adjustable stroke frequency. In some devices, this parameter is set just before turning in the other - is controlled by the power pressing the start button. Increased stroke frequency increases performance but contributes to rapid wear of the web.

If you have to work in low light, it is necessary to pay attention to such a function, as a work light, and buy tools with built-in light.

Regularly lubricate the tool worked well mechanisms and keep it clean. At work, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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To ensure the purity of the workplaceSome models are equipped with nozzle, by means of which the tool is connected to a vacuum cleaner. Small chips and dust will be drawn vacuum, liberating the area and improving the visibility of the cut.

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