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Choosing a jigsaw


Choosing a jigsaw</a>

Electric jig saw is one of the most popular hand tools. With its help, it is possible to perform transverse, longitudinal and figured cutting of various sheet materials.

This device is appreciated by both home masters and professionals for its ease of use and its versatile capabilities.

Household or professional

Household jigsaws have a small workerResource, low power and a rather limited set of additional functions. As a rule, such models are suitable for cutting steel products with a thickness of up to 0.4 cm, wood - up to 7 cm. The total time recommended for using a household tool is about 20 hours per month. Of course, household models are less expensive than professional ones.

To professional electric jigsawsHigher requirements, since they must withstand severe loads, be as convenient as possible and have high productivity. A professional tool can cut steel up to 1 cm thick, aluminum up to 2 cm and wood up to 8-14 cm. Its cost largely depends on capacity, availability of additional functions and brand popularity.

Additional functions

When choosing a jigsaw, pay attention to the handleTool. It can be mushroom or staple. This does not affect the quality of the work, but it is more convenient to use the tool with the mushroom handle on an inclined plane, and using a jig saw with a staple handle will make the cutting line well visible.

The saws can be fixed with a clamping device or screws. The first system is more convenient, because it allows you to quickly change the canvas without the use of special tools.

In most modern models of electric jigsawsThere is a pendulum mechanism. It communicates the horizontal motion file and helps to cut material only when moving upwards. This function prolongs the life of the saw blade, makes the work more productive, but at the same time not for the better, it can affect the quality of the cut. Therefore, when it becomes necessary to get a clean cut, this function should be turned off. Also, there is no need to use the pendulum movement when working with hard wood and sheet steel.

Another useful feature for working with differentMaterials - frequency adjustment. In some devices, this parameter is set just before switching on, in others - it is adjusted by pressing the start button with a strong push. Increasing the stroke frequency increases productivity, but it contributes to the rapid wear of the blade.

If you have to work in low light, you need to pay attention to a function such as the illumination of the work area, and buy a tool with a built-in lamp.

To make the tool work well, lubricate the machines regularly and keep it clean. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when carrying out work.

To ensure cleanliness in the workplaceSome models are equipped with a nozzle, by means of which the tool is connected to the vacuum cleaner. Small chips and dust will be drawn by the vacuum cleaner, freeing the working area and improving the visibility of the cut.

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