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SELECTION an industrial vacuum cleaner

Selecting an industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaner - a versatile professional equipment, which greatly simplifies many intermediate processes in the production.

Industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to clean up in the shops, workshops and on construction sites, it is durable, practical, easy to use.

What should I look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner

When choosing an industrial vacuum cleaner, first determine the purpose and the purpose of such a purchase.

It's one thing when the vacuum cleaner is needed for a small repair shop, and the other, if you buy it for an industrial plant.

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This is followed to assess the amount of pollution, so youDetermine the volume of the tank for maintenance of the vacuum cleaner. As for its functionality all industrial vacuum cleaners are practically the same, changing only the volume of the tank.

Eschu just need a good think about what andconditions will be used by an industrial vacuum cleaner, it is to help determine whether you have enough cell or a vacuum cleaner and a stationary needs, as well as the fact how long the hose is needed for the most convenient cleaning.

From what system you use, central or portable depends what canisters for storage of garbage will be equipped with your "assistant" and what he will be the size of the drum.

The volume of mobile industrial vacuum cleaners great,they have good capacity, and they are best used in small working areas. Vacuum stationary industrial vacuum cleaners because of their large size often used exclusively for cleaning large areas.

If you need a vacuum cleaner for cleaning in smallconstruction sites, it is best to fit a compact mobile industrial vacuum cleaner. All the big units - stationary and are not designed for continuous transportation.

It is necessary to determine the duration and frequency of the industrial vacuum cleaner, this will depend on what kind of power the motor, and thus the vacuum cleaner itself, you need one.

An important detail of the industrial vacuum cleaner - itfilter. Do not choose your own filtration system, it is better to consult a specialist. He is well versed in the filter classification and their sizes, based on the types and waste fractions.

A specialist on the basis of pre-prepared you information about the types of pollution that you face, select the appropriate filter.

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It is necessary to determine in advance what type ofyou want to eliminate pollution: fine debris, metal chips, sawdust, sand, glass, foam, adhesive dust fractions, chippings, liquid, powder paint, detergents, cement, flour, coal and so on.

If an industrial vacuum cleaner is needed to clean fineDust, is to take care of the additional paper bags. Non-woven bag quickly clogged with debris hygroscopic and expensive to change it, because the cost of not cheap.

Technical vacuum cleaner handles both dry andwet material. And now for the harvest combustible materials is to choose a more secure model that works with electricity instead of compressed air. Electricity can contribute to fire and eventually explode not only the materials, but also the apparatus itself.

Features of the market of industrial vacuum cleaners

The domestic market of industrial vacuum cleaners is wideand diverse. Basically it includes models from countries such as Germany, UK, Sweden, USA, Bulgaria and Italy. If you rely on feedback from customers, then one of the leaders in sales of low-cost, high-quality equipment for cleaning of industrial premises are a German company Kress and Bulgarian company Sparky.

As can significantly reduce the cost of an industrial vacuum cleaner

Pay attention to the industrial vacuum cleaners withmechanical vortex filter. This unit collects garbage in steel tank which is resistant even to chemically aggressive substances. The filter in this vacuum cleaner handles no more than 0.1% a retractable dust that helps to significantly extend the service life.

Think carefully whether you really needvacuum cleaner with water filter. Before the owner of such equipment will be a question disposal of mud weight after each cleaning. You will need to take care of timely cleaning container dirty manure, as well as filling the tanks with clean water.

Water filters that were once goodalternative to conventional, has "outlived its". They were replaced by mechanical vortex filters, which are very good, with the same objectives and are less demanding in operation.

For your industrial vacuum cleaner has served you for a long time, buy a model with a dual-vortex turbine, a harvesting technique does not threaten to overheat, it can run without stopping for a long time.

The industrial vacuum cleaners with a dual-turbine electric toothbrush is less wear, collectors, bearings, turbine winding.

Particular attention should be paid to the materialIndustrial manufacturing of the cleaner body. The plastic is not too durable, it is better to give preference to steel. Of course, such an apparatus will be heavier, but also last longer.

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