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Choosing a hair style according to the shape of the face


To the choice of a hairstyle that can hide shortcomings andEmphasize the dignity of your face, you need to approach seriously and responsibly. Even the most fashionable haircut, picked up incorrectly, can spoil your appearance. Take into account the need for a number of factors, not least of which is the shape of the face.

Choosing a hair style according to the shape of the face
Stylists distinguish five basic types of face: oval, round, triangular, square, rectangular. To determine your type, remove makeup, remove hair back and look in the mirror.

If you have a round face, its height and width will be approximately the same, while the widest part is at the level of the cheeks.
Oval face in comparison with the round is more elongated in the vertical, while it is wider along the cheekbones, and the forehead and chin are approximately equal in width.

If the height of the face and its width are almost the same,As in the case of the round type, but the lower jaw is square, then this person is of the square type. A more elongated face, approximately the same width in the forehead, cheekbones and lower jaw, refers to a rectangular type. With the same width of the forehead and cheekbones, the face, which tapers sharply to the chin, gives an accessory to the triangular type.
Now we have to figure out which hairstyle suits each type of face.

Oval face

If you have defined your face type as an oval, you are lucky: this form is considered ideal. Go to it any haircuts and hairstyles, so you can safely experiment!

Triangular face

Owners of a triangular face (also hisCalled heart-shaped) you should avoid the hairstyles that make it flat: low hairstyles that have volume in the area of ​​the temples, you absolutely will not do. But the side part and strands that fall on the cheeks will look great. The forehead should be partly covered with a short bang or falling strands.

Square face

For such a person, asymmetricHaircuts. You should abandon a thick long bangs - it will emphasize the protruding parts of the heavy chin. Also, do not comb the hair from your face, opening the wrong forehead line.

Rectangular face

With this form, choose a hairstyle framingFace curls and covering ears. It is not necessary to open the forehead - it is better to cover it with a string, combed to one side. But you, in contrast to the owners of a square face, fit asymmetrical haircuts with a volume at the temples and long straight bangs.

Round face

It is important to visually draw the face in height. Therefore, avoid flat hairstyles, do not comb the hair from your face, do not make a low hairstyle covering your ears. Try to choose a variant with a volume in the parietal part - then you can afford even a bang. Or do a haircut with cheeks falling on the cheeks.

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