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CHOICE hair dyes: the best professional paint

Choosing hair dye: the best professional paint

Hair is an integral wealth of women of all ages.

No wonder they say that a beautiful woman - a chic hair and happy smile.

And everyone wants to choose the hair color, which is gentle and at the same time the bar, with a rich beautiful color.

Hair problem is always interested in women -someone does not have enough density, the length of someone, and someone just wants to change. Someone finds it necessary fundamental changes color, and someone is content with giving more saturated colors of natural shades. And even then it comes to help for hair dye, and here we must pay tribute to the inventive hairdressers and stylists.

From the history of the appearance of hair dye

The first hair dye was invented in 1907by Eugène Schueller, the founder of the famous brand L'Oreal, who concurrently was a chemical engineer. Women up to this truly remarkable invention as not only excelled in changing the concept of Mother Nature, namely, his hair color. Hair dyed with henna and basma that although natural, but very inconvenient, especially considering the narrow palette of possible colors by mixing these two ingredients. For lighter shades of lemon juice-soaked hair burned in the scorching sun. Of course, on such a victim is ready to go far every modern girl, when in the arsenal it has a professional hair colors to suit every taste and pocket - here and ammonia and bezammiachnoy, cheap and expensive, resistant and simply giving the right shade for a few days.

Professional Paint is the best way to change the color of hair at the present time.

Benefits of professional hair dyes

Women admit that after painting the usualunprofessional paint the result is not always in line with expectations, often it is a tone darker. We have to change color, which, of course, causes great harm to the hair. With professional hair dyes such problems do not arise, because the advantage is wholly accurate and predictable results.
Conventional paints usually containthree percent oxidizer that connecting all the components produces a strong smell of ammonia. Professional hair dyes - the ideal solution, since they usually do not contain ammonia, which harms the hair and has an unpleasant smell.
When using the professional hair colorfall is much smaller and its appearance is much better than after the conventional paint. This effect is caused by oxidants and properly selected composition ratio, over the years than the creators of the work of professional hair dyes. After coloring the hair such dyes, hair looks bright, smooth and healthy, unlike conventional inks, when the hair fade after each shampooing.

What is the best paint

Many women recommend a series of professionalpaints Estel, regulating their choice by the fact that nothing is better for their hair has not yet been established, and boldly saying that this paint is much better L'Oreal and other competitors in this line.

Early colored hair are best left to a professional, who will select the best way to impact and suitable for the type of hair means.

Others advise Revlon Professional Revlonissimo, referring to the rich palette and the availability of the components that are beneficial for the condition of hair.
Many women are priverzhenka paint Londa, like other brand Concept.
Here is a small list of the most popular hair colors, according to a survey compiled by women and the leading hair stylists:
- Acme Professional-
- Angel Professional-
- AlfaparfMilano-
- Concept-
- Echosline-
- Estel Professional-
- Kaaral Professional-
- Londa Professional-
- Revlon Professional Revlonissimo.

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