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CHOICE of flooring: engineering board or parquet?


Choosing a floor covering: an engineering board or a parquet?</a>

Planning the repair of the floor, it is worth exploring the market for the proposed finishing materials.

It will be good to get acquainted with the quality, the declared properties, the period of operation, the level of resistance to mechanical damage.

Increasingly, those wishing to have a strong and at the same time beautiful sex choose two options: an engineering board and a parquet, despite the fact that each of them has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Engineering board

This recently appeared floor covering,Belonging to the class of wood. The plates of this coating are two-layered. The main layer is made of natural wood. The thickness of the face layer is 1 cm. The floor, laid out by such material, is always amenable to restoration by grinding. Processing the surface with a machine can achieve different effects in the design. After the work, to see the difference between the engineering coating and a massive board is almost impossible. Naturally, this kind of material will help to reduce expenses for a single tree at times, that is, you do not need to spend a lot of money to achieve a certain result.
The lower layer of this coating is made fromPlywood of the highest quality, having internal and external propyl, which gives this material stability, the thickness of the inner layer is also 1 cm. Consequently, this material is much less sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and changes in air humidity. The engineering board has various sizes. Parquet is mainly produced in certain modifications.

Engineering board is quite economical,Wear-resistant, not at all capricious at installation. It combines high quality, natural properties of wood, simplicity, stability of laying, the widest design decisions.

Such a board can be safely used on heated floors, only thus the heating mode should be sparing, evenly distributed over the area. It can also be laid on a concrete floor.

Comparative characteristics of a parquet board and engineering

The first and main sign of the difference isThickness of the useful layer of wood. Parquet - 0,4 cm - engineering - 0,4-0,8 cm, so the engineering board can be subjected to the restoration of the layer of wood, covering with a repeated amount of varnish. It is this size of the thickness that makes it possible to process the floor surface to create a special effect and beauty.
The next and important feature of the difference in materials is the size.

The shape of the parquet board is limited, which can not be said about engineering, thanks to the multilayered material.

Parquet board is less stable and less durable forAccount for the greater likelihood of a "game of material". Engineering is considered more natural, besides, it completely lacks the possibility of accumulating static electricity on the surface. Of course, making a choice, it is worthwhile to focus on your costs. Speaking about the cost, the price category for the engineering board is slightly higher, but this is justified by a large number of advantages.

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