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CHOICE flooring: engineered timber or parquet?

The choice of flooring: engineered timber or parquet?

Planning repair the floor, is to study the market offered finishing materials.

Not bad to be acquainted with the quality of the declared properties, service life, the level of resistance to mechanical damage.

Increasingly, wishing to have a strong and at the same time beautiful floor opt for two versions, engineered timber flooring and, despite the fact that each of them has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Engineering board

It recently appeared flooring,belonging to the class of timber. The planks of the two-layer coatings are. The main layer is made of natural wood. The thickness of the surface layer is 1 cm. Paul, lined with a material, always amenable to recovery by grinding. By treating the surface with the help of shleyfmashiny can achieve a different effect in the design. After work, to see the difference between the services covered, and the massive board is almost impossible. Naturally, such material will at times reduce the cost of solid wood, that is not necessary to spend a lot of money to achieve a certain result.
The bottom layer of the coating made fromhigh quality veneer having an inner and outer propyl, giving stability to the material thickness of the inner layer is also equal to 1 cm. Therefore, this material is much less sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and humidity changes. Engineering board has different dimensions. Parquet produced largely in certain versions.

Engineering board quite economical,wear resistance, is not capricious when installing. It combines high quality, the natural properties of wood, simplicity, stacking stability, tremendous design solutions.

This board can be safely used with underfloor heating, but in this case the heating mode must be gentle, evenly distributed over the area. It can also be laid on the concrete floor.

Comparative characteristics of wood flooring and Engineering

The first and the main sign of the difference isthe thickness of a useful layer of wood. Parquet - 0.4 cm engineering - 0.4-0.8 cm, so the engineering board can be subject to recovery of the wood layer, covered with a multiple number of varnish. This is the size of the thickness provides the ability to handle the floor to create a special effect and beauty.
Another important feature, and a lot of different materials is the size.

issuance floorboard limited, can not be said about the engineering, through the multilayer material.

Parquet board less stable and less strong forto the greater probability of "the game of the material." Engineering is considered to be more natural, in addition, it is not possible to fully build up of static electricity on the surface. Of course, making a choice, it is necessary to focus more on its costs. Speaking of cost, price category Engineering board a little higher, but it is justified by a large number of advantages.

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