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Choosing an air conditioner: what should be considered?</a>

Selecting an air conditioner is a task with many variables.

You will have to consider not only your ownBudget, the requirements for installing the device, but also the volume of the room in need of conditioning, the availability of supplies and the need for various additional functions.

Types of air conditioners

Air conditioners are most often classified by typeInstallation, because from where you can put the device, it will depend on what type, volume, and, consequently, the capacity of the air conditioner you should purchase.

For the home or small office, the following types of instruments are suitable:
- Window air conditioners are one of the first models on the market, they are still popular because they are economical and easy to install-
- wall air conditioners they are also split-systems -Consist of the inner and outer parts. The first is installed in the apartment, and the second is carried to the facade of the building. The installation of such an air conditioner is often associated with a number of permits from various monitoring organizations, it is especially difficult to obtain permission for a split system for those who live in buildings that are historical monuments,
- ceiling conditioners. They are channel and cassette, the latter can air several rooms at once. Installation of such devices is possible only in the presence of suspended ceilings. These air conditioners are often considered for commercial use, because they are often equipped with cafes and small shops. However, ceiling air conditioning is a good solution for large apartments and cottages-
- mobile or portable air conditioners -Compact devices of small power, perfectly suitable for small rooms. The obvious advantages of such devices is the variability in the choice of the installation site, due to the fact that they do not require any installation and stand well on any smooth horizontal surface. Unfortunately, mobile air conditioners can cost significantly more than stationary models and be very cumbersome.

When choosing a placement for an air conditioner,It is necessary to take into account not only the possibility of its installation, but also the need to provide power to the device, as well as unhindered access to the device for its maintenance.

Area and capacity of the air conditioner

An important role in choosing an air conditioner is played byThe area of ​​the room in which the device will be installed. Selecting an air conditioner for the area of ​​rooms, you can focus on both the BTU device and its power in kilowatts. In the latter case, a very simple settlement system is effective - in order to condition 10 square meters of a dwelling, a power of 1 kilowatt is required. Thus, for a room of 15 meters is quite enough air conditioning with a capacity of 1.5 kW.

Being guided by BTU, it is necessary to know that forRooms with the area from 9 to 18 square meters are recommended devices with BTU equal to 5000 - 6000, from 25 to 55 square meters with BTU from 7000 to 8200, air conditioners with BTU from 9800 to 12500 are designed for large rooms, from 35 to 100 meters.

BTU - British Thermal Unit - British Thermal Unit, specified in the specification for the device. 1 kilowatt is equal to 3412 BTU / h.

Choice of air conditioner with air purifier

To air conditioners combined with a cleanerAir, there are additional requirements. If you live in a dusty area, if the family has an allergic or smoker, you need an air purifier with several stages of filtration. Choose appliances with additional carbon or HEPA filters. According to the research, HEPA filters remove up to 98% of various particles in the air and are considered to be the most effective.

Filters need periodic replacement. HEPA filters are more expensive than carbon filters, so when choosing them, expect that the maintenance costs of the device will be slightly higher.

For those who choose air conditioners with a cleanerAir, an important value is the CARD (Clean Air Delivery Rate) or the clean air rating. Usually these are three digits, which indicate not only in the specification, but also on the packaging of the device. The first refers to the purification of air from tobacco smoke, the second refers to the rate of air purification from pollen, and the third - from dust. The higher the rating, the faster the device filters the air.

Repair and consumables

Choosing air conditioners, give preference toKnown brands. It's not even that you can always find reviews about them on the Internet, but the fact that well-established companies in the Russian market, such as Electrolux (Eletroclus), Kentatsu (Kentatsu), Midea (Medea), Daikin ( Daikin), Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi) many service centers in different cities of Russia and CIS countries. It is also important that consumables and replacement parts to their devices do not need to be discharged from abroad and wait for delivery for weeks.

Additional functions

Many air conditioners have a number ofAdditional functions, the presence of which is a significant plus and can affect your choice in favor of a particular model. Pay attention to the fact that the device had a remote control, which makes operation of the air conditioner comfortable from any part of the room. Prefer air conditioners with the ability to quickly configure using an electronic display. The system of automatic restart is a great advantage, allowing not to fear damage to the device during a power failure. Those who carefully spend energy, it is worth looking at air conditioners with an economical mode or with the so-called "sleep mode".

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