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CHOICE ceiling Housing

Selecting ceiling Housing

Ceiling - important detail, defining the look of any room.

Thanks to high-quality finishing of the ceiling room acquires elegance and comfort, and the increased reflectivity of its cover saves on the electricity consumed for lighting.

In our country the traditional three types of finishesCeiling - This painting, wallpapering and whitewashing. All these activities require prior alignment and surface preparation. These finishing techniques in recent years have increasingly replaced with different versions of modern materials. They can be divided into two broad categories: the glue and hanging.

Glue ceilings

The ceilings of this type are similar to the traditionalmethods of finishing. They are rectangular or square panel made of extruded polystyrene. The front side of the panels can be painted with wood and stone and covered with foil. The surface of the rectangular plates is usually smooth, and the surface is created simulating square thread relief or stucco. Tile is simply glued to the ceiling by means of a polyvinyl acetate adhesive or liquid nails.
A material easy to use because italmost weightless, if necessary, can be easily processed wallpapering knife, and his label does not require special skills. Before installing the panels recommended stiroporovyh prime the cleaned surface with white glue diluted with water. If the tiles from the small irregularities of the ceiling bad dock, fix them on the drying time of the adhesive pins with tailoring. To make the kind of stage between the wall and glued tiles paving the special ceiling moldings.
Laminated tiles can be washed,uncoated - vacuumed or wiped with a dry cloth. It should be noted that the polystyrene does not like too bright sunlight - under ultraviolet light it turns yellow.

Dropped ceilings

Ceilings differ by typeand appearance, but they are suspended at a certain distance from the ceiling to hide passing underneath communications and various irregularities. At the same time address issues of sound and thermal insulation.
Very wide range of application of suspended ceilings. Extremely interesting for bold design solutions makes them the ability to create intricate three-dimensional structures. For the manufacture of these ceilings used heavy-duty vinyl polymers, meeting international requirements of environmental regulations and fire safety. The advantages of such ceilings are quick installation and durability.
Durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly rackceilings. They are frost resistant, so can be used in non-heated in cold weather areas. Leading the ceiling element - a thin aluminum plate, lacquered. Such ceilings have a wide range of external finishes and colors. With the help of the installation between the main panels of thin profiled strips and various fixtures can vary the external appearance of the ceiling. Installation of suspended ceilings is straightforward. Complete with decorative plates are bearing profile.
Especially popular are the cassette orraster ceilings. They are assembled from a plurality of plates stacked in a special frame. It is important that during their manufacture do not use asbestos and phenol-formaldehyde resin which makes these ceilings nonflammable and environmentally friendly.

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