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CHO is the Antwerp six


Cho is the Antwerp six</a>

Antwerp Six (Eng.

Antwerp six) - a legendary group of designers, graduates of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, who created the Belgian fashion from scratch.

The names of the participants - Anne Demelmeister, Dries van Noten, Dirk Bikkembergs, Marina Yi, Walter van Beirendonck and Dirk van Saen - are forever inscribed in the history of the global fashion industry.


Many researchers consider the year of releaseDemelmeister, Van Noten, Baths of Beirendonck, Birkembergs, Yi and Baths Sayen starting point in the history of Belgian fashion, which until the appearance of the legendary six did not actually exist. But the triumphal ascent to the fashionable Olympus began, of course, not immediately, but only six years later, when the designers decided to go to the Fashion Week in London. To do this, they rented a small van, in addition, the debutants had to pay for themselves all the costs associated with the show. The next is history.
Conquering the exacting London audience with hisConceptual intellectual design, Antwerp Six made their hometown a new fashionable capital. The end of the eighties was a turning point, when people were fed up with status clothing, but the "wearable" alternative had not yet appeared. The gullet of fresh air was only the Japanese avant-garde in the face of Kavakubo and Yamamoto, but their creations were closer to art objects. The Belgians also presented a unique, experimental, but at the same time decorating a person's clothes.
Of course, each of the members of the six had their ownOwn style, its own ideology, its principles and a lot of unrealized projects, but at first they had to somehow get along, find compromises and look for a single style. So the Belgian fashion was born, its distinctive features were multi-layered, asymmetric, disproportional and active use of black.

According to Anne Demelmeister, the group members could not tolerate each other, but for the sake of being noticed, they tried to stay together.

The Antwerp Six today

Currently, only four members of the group thrive on the career: Dris van Noten, Anne Demelmeister, Walter Bath Beyrendonk and Dirk Bikembergs.
Дрис ванн Noten - comes from a family of textile workers,So he pays special attention to the tissues. In his collections you can often see loose dresses and skirts, soft blazers, an abundance of embroidery and exotic prints.

Today, journalists like to "record" in the disintegrated six of Martin Margel and Joseph Timister.

Demelmeyster is known to the world of fashion as a rebel andThe intellectual. Her personal motto - "wanting to like - means losing yourself." The main thing in her clothes is a complicated cut, a non-standard silhouette and texture. Do not disdain designer and unusual decor. The peculiar fetish of Anne are ribbons and chains.
Dirk Bikkembergsa attract sport-chic and military style. He is rather eccentric, but he pays attention to how clothes are on models.
Finally, Walter Bath Beirendonck is often called the "Belgian Gauthier." He works a lot with jersey, uses numerous cinematographic allusions and has a peculiar sense of humor.

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