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CHO is the Antwerp Six

Cho is the Antwerp Six

Antwerp Six (Eng.

Antwerp six) - the legendary group of designers, graduates of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the Belgian fashion created from scratch.

Names of participants - Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Bikkembergs, Marina Yee, Walter van Beyrendonka and Dirk Van Saen - forever inscribed in the history of the world fashion industry.


Many researchers believe the YearDemelmeyster Van Noten, Beyrendonka baths Birkembergsa, Yi and baths Sayena starting point in the history of Belgian fashion, which actually did not exist before the advent of the legendary Six. But the triumphant ascent to fashion Olympus began, of course, not immediately, but only six years later, when the designers decided to go to fashion week in London. To do this, they rented a small van, in addition, by the debutants had to pay for all costs associated with the show. Further - history.
Having conquered the demanding London public withintelligent design concept, Antwerp Six made their home town of the new fashion capital. The end of the eighties was a pivotal era when people are fed up with a status clothing, but "wearable" alternative has not yet appeared. A breath of fresh air was the only Japanese avant-garde represented by Kawakubo and Yamamoto, but their works were more similar art objects. The Belgians also presented a unique, experimental, but decorating human clothes.
Of course, each of the six members had their ownown style, its own ideology, its principles and a lot of unrealized projects, but first they had to somehow get along, to find compromises and to seek a uniform style. So was born a Belgian fashion, its distinctive features have become multi-layered, asymmetrical, disproportionality and the active use of black.

As acknowledged by Ann Demeulemeester, uchastinki groups could not stand each other, but in order to be seen, tried to stay together.

Antwerp Six today

Currently career flourishes only four members of the group: Dries van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Walter baths Beyrendonka and Dirk Bikembergsa.
Noten Dries baths - comes from a family of textile workers,therefore special attention he pays to the tissues. Its collections can often see loose dresses and skirts, blazers, soft, plenty of exotic prints and embroidery.

Today, journalists like to "burn" in the six decomposed Martin Margiela and Joseph Thimister.

Demelmeyster known to the world of fashion as a rebel andan intellectual. Her personal motto - "want to like - is to lose yourself." The main thing in her clothes - a difficult cut, custom silhouette and texture. Do not hesitate to take an unusual and designer decor. A kind of fetish Ann are ribbons and chains.
Dirk Bikkembergs attract sport-chic and military style. It is quite eccentric, but pays attention to how clothes sit on models.
Finally, Walter baths Beyrendonka often referred to as "Belgian Gautier." He works with knits, it uses many cinematic allusions and different kind of sense of humor.

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