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Beauty Secrets of the Chinese women

Beauty Secrets of the Chinese women

You've probably already noticed that many Chinesewomen have radiant skin and long retain a youthful appearance even in old age. And most of all, want to learn some of the secrets of self-care

Beauty from within

White tea is a popular drink in China. This is the least processed type of tea, the leaves undergo mininimalnym processing. In addition to many nutrients, white tea contains antioxidants. According to its anti-aging properties than green and black tea. Drink it throughout the day hot or iced, and you will have a healthy and radiant complexion. Green and oolong teas have similar beneficial properties of white tea.

Ginseng is also rich in antioxidants. Regular intake of ginseng neutralizes free radicals, slows the aging process and stimulates the production of new cells. Drink a cup every day, pouring tea with boiling water.

Natural Skin Care

In China, women use white camellia oil to moisturize and soften the skin. The oil helps reduce the risk of stretch marks. Also it is applied to the face as a nutrient moisturizer.

Weekly use of a mask of egg white -Another of the popular beauty recipes. Keep the protein you need to face for half an hour, then wipe off with a damp soft cloth. This mask promotes skin renewal.

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