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Chinese rose


Chinese rose - flower of death</a>

Chinese rose is a spectacular and beautiful plant.

This flower has many names: hibiscus, red sorrel, mallow Venice, color, carcade, rose Sharon.

Different people have a different idea about it.

In Haiti, it is considered a symbol of beauty, In India, it is woven into wedding wreaths, in Malaysia - it is a national flower, and because girls decorate their hair.

But in some countries there is a belief that a Chinese rose is a flower of death.

What kind of flower is a Chinese rose?

Already in the XVIII century the botanical gardens of EuropeDecorated with hibiscuses. It is worth saying that the exotic appearance of these flowers of different shades with golden accreted stamens attracts attention and fascinates. Such plants are able to reach in diameter up to 15-16 centimeters.

At home, a Chinese rose can grow up to 2 meters in height, this flower can live about 30 years.

Chinese rose even looks in photosCharming, and seeing her close at least once, it's hard not to fall in love with this wonderful flower. That's why many flower growers do not want to deny themselves the pleasure of having such a plant at home. Under favorable lighting conditions, hibiscus will enjoy its flowering almost all year round.

Why a Chinese rose is called the flower of death

Studying the signs associated with the Chinese rose, we can conclude that its name - "flower of death" - appeared for a reason.
According to some beliefs, when flowering, hibiscusBecomes a source of negative energy, which adversely affects human health. That is why, in some sources, the Chinese rose is referred to as a "bloodlet".

The color of the Chinese rose has a red tinge that resembles blood. However, there are other tones: purple, white, pink, yellow, there are only blue and black.

People believe that hibiscus can not justTo worsen the health of its owner, but also to bring his death nearer. Proceeding from this, experts in the field of psychic sensitivity strongly recommend getting rid of such a flower by burning it.
According to another version, this flower does not affectHealth and life of their owners, but is a kind of indicator that informs its owners about the impending disaster. For example, if a Chinese rose unexpectedly discards leaves, this may indicate that one of the households is seriously ill, even if there is not a hint of an ailment yet.

Chinese rose: other beliefs and folk signs

If you believe the signs, the Chinese rose has bothPositive, and negative qualities. For an unmarried girl, she will attract a lot of gentlemen, but fortunately she will not contribute to the family, and that is why hibiscus was also nicknamed "muzhetka." Creating around a negative aura, the Chinese rose sows between the spouses of strife and causeless aggression. According to one version, a woman who has such a mystical plant in her house is doomed to an unhappy family life. It's not for nothing that the Chinese rose is used in witchcraft rituals to guide the crown of celibacy. [Box # 3]
However, it should be clarified that this is justSuperstitions, which have no reliable confirmation. Some piously believe in such signs, others only grin. It all depends on your attitude. If you are a self-confident person, devoid of any prejudice, then please yourself with such an amazing flower worth it. If you believe in beliefs and some share of doubt still arose, it is better to buy another flower that will please you.
Remember, each flower is beautiful in its own way, and if you take good care of it and care for it, it will love you and bring only joy!

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