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Chinese gymnastics for effective weight loss

Exercising for weight loss

Become the owner of a beautiful figure is not so simple. To do this, you need to make serious efforts.

There are different ways to get rid of excess weight, and among them is a completely safe and it is very effective. Chinese gymnastics will quickly attain the perfect figure.

This gym is good because it helps to lose weight without stress and excessive physical stress.

These exercises will help to normalize the function of the digestive system.



The absorption of saliva
This exercise is very useful to carry out in the morning immediately after awakening on an empty stomach, you can even lying in bed.
First, massage your gums and tongue lightlyTap teeth. Then swallow the saliva accumulated in a few sips so that it fell into the stomach. This should be mentally imagine that absorb the healing balm that helps build the digestive system and get rid of excess weight.


belly Massage
Rub the belly smooth circular motionpalms superposed. Perform the exercise in a clockwise direction. After circular motions gently tap the surface of the belly with his knuckles, clenched in a fist.


Breathing for weight normalization
Put superposed on the bottom of the palm of your handstomach and do the following breathing exercise. On the inhale pull in the stomach to stick out on the issue. This exercise is useful to carry out the so-called low stand with your feet slightly bent knees at a distance of about 1 m apart.


The movement of the hips
Place the hands on the solar plexus and shake his hips back and forth. Then, with his hands on the solar plexus need to rotate your hips clockwise and counterclockwise.


The energy in the solar plexus
Try to mentally fill the palm of energyland and put them in the upper part of the abdomen, one under the other, and perform the slopes of the body casing down, pressing lightly on the stomach at each inclination.


The movement of the hips in a sitting position
These movements are performed in a sitting position on the floor or on a chair. We must first rotate the hips in a circle, and then shake his hips back and forth, from side to side.


Massage for digestion
Pads of three fingers (index, middle andring) clockwise rub the point on top of the head. Then rub the index finger and thumb from the base to the fingertips. At the end of the massage the legs from the ankles to the fingers.

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