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Child's room

Child's room

With the birth of the child stands in front of parentsthe question of settling his private room. While it is small, it is not necessary, but with the advent of the age of reason (to the 3 rd year), it is advisable to provide for the child's personal space, so that he could spend time at your pleasure.

According to child psychologists, separate room contributes to the formation of self-reliance and the harmonious development of the whole.

Developing interior nursery, nelyaforget that the child's needs will change with age. Over the years, a child will play and learn in one place. Therefore, it is advisable to divide the children into two areas: entertainment and sleep. When a child goes to school soon will be a necessity in the educational area with a desk, comfortable and functional shelves for books.

As for color, it is recommendedchoose based on the child's temperament. Energetic and quick-tempered choleric and sanguine mobile impulsive better to choose a soothing colors- vulnerable and shy melancholic - bright, sunny colors and a calm and slow phlegmatic - colors excite the nervous system.

While the baby is still small, it takesthe world, guided by emotions and feelings. This means that the room had to be associated with childhood. And what will be the association - it is dependent adults. Too bright, spacious room with white walls like a hospital room, and the dark, decorated in dark colors - in the lair of a villain.

Because children have not yet developed a designthe taste, the room, furnished with the wishes of the child, will dazzle cartoon theme. And it is right. The child does not matter how much a bed or wardrobe, is much more important that the furniture was fun. Ideally, the child himself should choose his favorite furniture.

Nursery and children out, that it wasfurnished with the wishes of the child, even if the design point of view, some things are not in harmony. All that is required of us - is to ensure safety, comfort and environmental friendliness of the room.

All the furniture, which heralded roomthe child must be made of natural materials of wood, no sharp angles, ie, fully adapted to children's age: if the bed - the bed-transformer, if the chest - the boxes have to be within reach...

Themed interior children's room very much, and what to choose - a matter of taste and possibilities. After consulting with the child and taking into account his preferences, make emphasis on the child's psychological comfort.

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