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children's neuroses

children neuroses

Psychologists say that the neurosis arises fromthose children who are experiencing conflict between the conditions of life and their own temperament, because all attempts to confront the nature of the child usually leads to complexes of inferiority, low self-esteem, aggression and neurosis.

That is, if you hasten the slow or inhibit the child inquisitive, you can completely ruin their child.



Neuroses make themselves known, if the parentsplacing a child incredible demands, inappropriate or age or physical data of the child. For example, when parents try to make a child prodigy or a great musician, and he does not have this aspiration.


Neuroses are subject to separate childrenparents are giperopekunami. For example, if children are given all sorts of regulations and rules of conduct, but restrain all his initiatives and manifestations of personality. Abuses of all sorts of bans, too, have a negative impact on a child's development.


Neuroses appear in overly pampered children. Toddlers who are all allowed to suffer very high self-esteem, so any difficulty on their way is their psychological trauma.


Neuroses can occur in a child at birthbrother or sister. When a new baby, mum has to spend more time with it, but neither she nor the pope should not forget about the feelings and the education of older children. They are used to the attention, and with the advent of the baby they are, in their opinion, are relegated to the background. It appears jealousy, shouts, insults, scandals scene. Children suit moods, showing that they, too, are still small.


Neuroses occur due to rough punishment. For example, when parents humiliate a child, his personality. If the parents of the child to tear the nerves and subordinate it to itself, it grows cowardly, hard and callous. Of course, do not pay attention to the faults can not be, but you should understand and show restraint in dealing with any problems.


It is also one of the main causes of neuroses arescandals and quarrels between the parents. Quarrels and scandals injure the child's mind, and he eventually begins to imitate their parents, so it's the same cruel and callous.

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