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Children's neuroses</a>

Psychologists say that neurosis occurs inThose children who experience conflicts between living conditions and their own temperament, because all attempts to resist the nature of the child usually lead to inferiority complexes, low self-esteem, aggression and neuroses.

That is, if you rush a slow child or slow the inquisitive, you can finally ruin your child.



Neuroses make themselves felt if the parentsPresent to the child incredible requirements that are not appropriate to the age or physical data of the child. For example, when parents try to make a child prodigy or a great musician from a child, but he does not have this desire.


Neuroses are affected by independent children,Whose parents are hyper-educated. For example, if children are given all sorts of prescriptions and rules of conduct, but at the same time restrain all of his initiatives and personality manifestations. Abuse of all kinds of prohibitions also adversely affects the development of the child.


Neuroses appear in excessively spoiled children. Kids, who are allowed to all, suffer too high self-esteem, so any difficulty in their way is a psychological trauma for them.


Neuroses can appear in a child at birthBrother or sister. When a new child appears, mom has to spend more time with him, but neither she nor the father should not forget about the feelings and upbringing of older children. They are accustomed to attention, and with the advent of the child, they, in their opinion, are pushed into the background. There is jealousy, screaming, resentment, scenes of scandals. Children arrange moods, showing that they are also small.


Neuroses happen because of gross punishments. For example, when parents humiliate a child, his personality. If parents tear their nerves on the child and subordinate him to themselves, he grows cowardly, hard and stale. Of course, you can not completely ignore the misconduct, but you should understand and show endurance in solving any problems.


Also one of the main causes of neuroses areQuarrels and scandals between parents. Quarrels and scandals hurt the child's psyche, and he eventually begins to imitate his parents, that is, become as cruel and stale.

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