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Children's Clinic: Instructions for Use


For young mothers travel to children's clinic in most cases it turns into stress.

To this event was the mostpainlessly, a few tips on how to park the stroller to its not stolen, how to take their turn to see a doctor, what to do with the baby in the corridor, for what to watch in a doctor's office and what to do at home after visiting the clinic.

1, Parking wheelchairs, bicycles and sleds.
Buying vehicles kids cost usa lot of money. Therefore, you should take care of their safety. In any hardware store to buy a castle here. With it, you can lock the stroller around clinics and not fear for her safety. Not so easy for all to cut the metal wire.
2, We pass things in the wardrobe.
In the clinics, which provides walk-in closet,it is better not to ignore. It is better to remove outer clothing and put on shoe covers, so you get rid of excess hand luggage and fully focused on the child. If you are unable to deliver clothes to the dressing room, it is better to undress directly before the doctor's office, after receiving the ticket at the reception.
3, takes a turn.
Occupying a place, ask for someone ranked last in the queue brow-century. Thus, if you miss it out of sight, you will be able to keep all of the previous one.
4, We are waiting to see a doctor.
If your baby is less than 6 months, it is best to put it in pen-toe, so he could sleep in the "cocoon", without being distracted by background noise.
If you fidget more than six months to take a better toy. Take toys that do not mind, because you can break them / break / lose.
Be tolerant of other moms, they are also not easy,like you. Be friendly attitude: ask the children to play together, join in with the game. Pending receipt can not just hide in the phone, but also to spend time to read a new book, assemble a new puzzle or just in play quiet games.
5, at the reception.
Keep your child in your arms or hand, notleave it without watching a single minute. With the changing table, he may fall, and the older child can grasp medical equipment or scatter cards.
Help your child's doctor in the examination. Learn how to keep your head to inspect the ear. Do not forget to make sure that the doctor has clean hands and clean tools. You may also want your comment on that. Child health is more important than the ethical aspect.
6; After visiting the children's clinic.
After arriving home, wash the toys that you have taken with them, and-wash diapers and baby items that your child has been in the clinic.

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