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Children's cap with braids for girls

Children's cap with braids for girls

In cool weather, the little girl can not do without a warm hat with braids made on the spokes.

You will need

  • - The spokes (3 mm, 3.5 mm) -
  • - 150-170 g of yarn average tolschiny-
  • - kryuchok-
  • - bulavki-



Dial on the spokes (№ 3,5) 29 loops and knit 2 rows of the front satin stitch. Next knit band "Kosa" pattern length of 46 cm.


The remaining loop, remove the pin. Perform the back of the cap. Dial on the front side of the strip of wales 52 facial hinge. Knit 1 row of facial loops.


Then distribute data loops into 3 parts as follows: for the mid - 16 loops and 18 loops on both sides.
Continue knitting: the average 16 loop a rubber band 1x1, and the 16th loop and the loop side of the knit 2 sts along the front, as the heel of the sock.


Each row 6 or 7 provyazyvayte 2 along the front hinge 4 times to 16 as a result of the loop remained only eight loops and then move them to the pin.


Carrying out the front part of the hat, go to №Z spokes. On the opposite side of the bar from the edge dial 52 loops and knit 5 cm H-eraser 1 * 1.


At the bottom of the cap, type loops, including loops onpins and knit 1 row of facial loops. In the next row to make holes zavyazochek: 1 bead (nakida, 2 along the front), and continuing in this way until the end of the series.


Knit one more row of facial loops, freelyclose the loop, not pulling. Prepare skins: dial hook a chain of air loop of desired length and make a column without nakida in each loop.

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