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Child's Whooping Cough


Diseases of children have always been a lot of troubleParents and the children themselves. Pertussis is especially dangerous in the first years of a child's life. If you do not contact the doctor on time, complications and even death may occur. In the modern world there are vaccinations against whooping cough, which significantly reduce the statistics of the disease of children with this ailment. It is worth noting that vaccinations are still important, despite the refusal of many mothers from vaccinations.

Child's Whooping Cough

This disease is transmitted by airborneWay, and penetrates the child's blood, causing a violent cough. Causes his pertussis, which enters the respiratory tract of the child. Pertussis in children manifests itself after the first week of the disease. Disease from the first days begins with a slight runny nose, a cough. That is very similar to a cold disease. Having recovered a little, the parent sends the child with confidence to the kindergarten with a small cough. Here - then all the fun begins. The child's cough is worse, and has a paroxysmal character. The child coughs paroxysmally, before vomiting.

In such a situation, urgently contact the doctor,Who will determine the nature of the disease with the help of special tests. But, if the child begins to cough from the first week of the disease, do not rush to draw conclusions. Just in the first week, cough is considered normal. The duration of the disease is from four weeks to two months. At the age of children up to two years, whooping cough drains the body and can even lead to pneumonia. The youngest children under one year of mandatory hospitalization are recommended, since their immunity is still weak enough, and the child needs constant monitoring of doctors. During illness it is necessary to limit the child from communicating with other children.

Care for a sick child is reduced to the firstTurn to airing the room, and the correct mode of the day, in which a special place to take walks in the fresh air. If the child is inclined after coughing attacks to vomit, start eating after coughing. The child's diet should consist of high-calorie, semi-liquid food. Older children are not required to have bed rest, but they will need babies. But, in no case do not self-medicate. Be sure to show the child to a specialist. It is the doctor who will be able to make the correct diagnosis. Proper treatment will save you from unpleasant situations and complications. The health of your children is in your hands.

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