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CHILDREN resentment

children's grievances

Only a loving family a child can find support and protection in the difficult moments of his life.

That is why the most severe shock can be resentment, caused by the most native person.

Child hurt humiliation in front of others. Some children just enough to calm judgmental mom look, and some - cotton by the pope in front of everyone. But not always the child responds to this just like home. So try to abuse the baby away from prying eyes.

Wayward child's condition can beIt provoked by something that he can not yet explain. And adults, not wanting to understand the causes of this behavior, glows situation and their cry often lightning punishment. Be more attentive to the child. Always during the next whim to ask questions: "What wants my baby?"

Many parents of the kid constantly with someonecompared. The story about a child that has long since all can much better, faster, more accurate, etc. Try not to do so, even if much want to, and you feel that you are right on all of 100%. On the contrary - often praise the baby, even for a minor success.

The child has the right to make their ownError: bruises on his knee, a torn book, broken dishes. So he knows the world. Be prepared to always hear how he did it, and not interrupt the phrase: "I knew it!"

Respect your child's work. It happens that the kid made hack does not look very neat, and draw a cow is more like a dinosaur. However, this should not be cause for ridicule and the discharge of such "masterpieces" like garbage. If we decide to throw something, do it quietly for the baby. And the most interesting save in a separate box and periodically review with him.

Children are very offended when adults do not performpromises. Always be careful not to promise a child what can not perform. Parents often feel that their baby is too small, and all forget. But children can not forget this promise to them. Not doing the same promise - you will lose their trust to you.

Let's make every effort for the happiness of their children. And often it does not depend on expensive gifts and fashion - and how parents love their child.

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