Children's insults</a>

Only in a loving family can a child find support and protection in the difficult moments of his life.

That is why the most severe shock can be the offense caused by the very native person.

The child hurts humiliation with strangers. To some children, only the condemnatory gaze of my mother is enough to calm down, and some people - cotton in the pope in front of everyone. But not always the child reacts to it in the same way as at home. So try to scold your baby away from other people's eyes.

The capricious state of the child can beProvoked by something that he still can not explain. And adults, not wanting to understand the reasons for this behavior, are heating up the situation with their shouting and often lightning punishment. Be more attentive to the child. Always during the next whim, ask the question: "What does my baby want?"

Many parents of their baby are constantly with someoneCompare. They tell about a child, that already a long time ago everything is much better, faster, more accurate, etc. Try not to do this, even if you really want, and you feel that you are 100% right. On the contrary - praise your baby more often, even for insignificant success.

A child has the right to make his ownMistakes: bruises on his knee, a torn book, broken dishes. So he will know the world. Be ready to always listen to how he did it, and do not interrupt with the phrase: "I knew it!"

Respect the labor of your child. It happens that the toddler made by the child does not look very neat, and the painted cow looks more like a dinosaur. However, this should not serve as an excuse for ridicule and throwing out such "masterpieces" as garbage. If you decide to throw something away, do it unnoticed for the baby. And save the most interesting in a separate box and periodically look through with it.

Children are very offended when adults do not fulfillPromises. Always try not to promise a child something you can not do. Parents often think that their baby is too small and will forget everything. But children can and do not forget the promise given to them. Not having fulfilled the promised - you will lose his confidence in you.

Let us do our best for the happiness of our children. And often it does not depend on expensive gifts and fashionable clothes - but on how the parents love their baby.

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