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BABY imitation

Children imitate

Today children surrounds the whole universe, which is formed by an infinitely advertising.

Computer games, comics, movie heroes - it's all part of the dream factory, which takes children from the real world.

The desire of the child trying to imitate someone else is always natural, especially if the hero worthy of emulation.

Blame the parents are not in the fact that instead of the heroes of the Army and the Second World came invented by someone "color" superheroes.

But it does happen that a child too much interested in this or that character, which can not but worry parents.

Block this desire can not be, but you can correct the situation, if you show tact and wisdom.



Show interest. Do not try to separate the child from the dream, because the dream is still out of reach. Most said it with a child in his interest to the topics discussed his idol.


Not take away his dream. The fatal flaw of many parents - to say that the Ninja Turtles or Spider-Man does not exist. So you can express aggression cause the child, and if you still insist on being right, you can develop a psychological complex (if the idol is not there, then that is firmly in our world?).


Go too far. Take the initiative in discussions of his beloved character, make it an object for analysis. For example, ask the child what he would do in a situation that would have done in the same situation his idol? Encourage your child to write a story with his idol.


Distract his attention. The sudden change their behavior by giving him a ball, car, dog or play with him in developing games.


Do not limit your child's fantasies, becausesuperhero craze extremely dangerous only when the child is severely suffering from loneliness and trying to fill the void of communication with the help of fictional characters.

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