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Children's depression

Children's depression

Until the eighties, no one thought that the childrenmay hurt a disease, depression, and many parents understand the mood swings as a completely normal phenomenon associated with the development, maturation and growth of the child.

In fact in some cases it is just the same in the depression that needs healing at the stage of its manifestation.

Alarms should beat at the time whenIt becomes apparent sadness of the child, the loss of his hopes or helplessness. If his forces to cope with depression does not work, do not be ashamed and do not be lazy to consult a doctor.

Sometimes it also happens that the parents themselves createbad situation in a family which breeds depression. In this case, contribute to depression quarrels, violence, irascibility, "plugging" of the child and the parents' aggression.

The symptoms of childhood depression: mood swings, loss of interest, lack of plans, thoughts of escape or death, violation of appetite and sleep, aggressiveness, irritability and a feeling of helplessness and uselessness.

How parents can help the child? They should talk to him, find out the causes of depression and to ensure its support. You can also give examples from their own lives and talk about how they overcame depression. The child should be surrounded with attention and delight of his surprises, walks and gifts.

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