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Children and Nature

Children and Nature

How best to raise their children in an era of technological progress?

How to make children do not lose contact with nature?

To do this, you must instill in them a love of the beautiful: the plants, animals and nature in general.

Children & Housekeeping

Psychologists say that the care of the homeanimals, growing plants, or training in the circle of young naturalists will help the child to feel the connection with nature, but today the majority of families simply do not have enough time for such training, and they trust such a responsible and important part of the education of the TV and computer. Remember that your child is vital to spend time in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

Walk with the children on outings, create yourunique family traditions as fishing, cycling or playing football on nature. If you work in the garden, ask your child to help throw the seeds and put the potatoes in the hole. Telling the child about the world in an interesting and understandable way for him. It is up to you and your imagination and aspirations depends to a child to love nature and prefer her home life.

If you do not have a vegetable garden or garden, together with thechild care for plants, ask them to grow beans or onions. Believe me, the kid will be delighted with the result. You can also try to spend with your child some sort of environmental studies, to tell him about the survival of the rules and behavior in the forest or arrange a Saturday. All this will help to raise the child respect for nature

Children, tourists

According to teachers and doctors, the bestmeans to combat urban life - hiking, but in order that the child can easily get used to spending time in nature and feel comfortable outdoors, it is recommended to send it to the "weekend trips". In addition, it is advisable to buy special books and a backpack with all the necessary things.

Movies significantly improve the confidence of the child and his health, causing him to become physically fit. In addition, he will have to meet new people and interests.

Practice shows that children who are fond ofhike, it looks much better than their peers who are in the city. An introduction to nature makes children more hardy, strong and resistant to stress, because from an early age, they will read a lot more to travel and make discoveries. But to a child, and took a great interest in the future campaigns, it is necessary to push. For example, to send it to the travel club, where children live in special camps and go hiking with teachers.

Raising a child in harmony and peace with nature,you develop in it strength, kindness and responsibility to others. Growing up, the children choose the desired and prestigious profession, will become diligent and remember for a lifetime relationship between man and nature.

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