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Children and hygiene


From infancy before going to bed, you bathed yourBaby in warm baths with fragrant herbs for sweet dreams. Now the child has grown, and you can gradually transfer to him the responsibility for your own health.

Children and hygiene

Useful habits are formed in early childhood andThen accompany the maturing person throughout his life. Do not miss the moment and let the development take its course, in consequence you and your child will often come across the obvious need for simple rules. Be sure to explain to the child the reasons why you ask him for some actions.

One of the key habits that you needForm from childhood is washing hands. You should gently remind the child to go to the sink each time after visiting the street, toilet, contact with animals and, of course, before eating. Parents need to monitor the thoroughness of the execution of this process, so that it happens honestly and thoroughly: with abundant soaping and effective cleanliness of the water drained from the hands. In the bathroom, the baby should feel comfortable. Think over the details of the interior, taking into account the children's needs and the convenience of reaching the faucet.

Well, if the hygienic items in the childWill be their own. At mum after all there is a medical cream for a body, and at the daddy only the foam for shaving. Let the baby also have a special baby shampoo and a bright towel, which is a personal toothbrush, for whom a huge assortment is now made for children!

If, for some reason, your childIs capricious and does not want to give in to any hygienic education, then try the right method - to turn the washing procedures into an exciting game. Ask your favorite bear cub or other toy, which, according to the heart of the baby, make you a company. Entertain this team with provocative verses, show the child a new game with fingers. Involve the imagination and the child will have positive impressions of the process, which he will certainly want to repeat.

Often children are afraid of water falling on the face and, inFeatures, sensitive eyes. In this case, you should carefully wash off the shampoo from the baby's head, loosening the pressure of water, or even washing your hair with a ladle. Pay attention to all signals from the baby, analyze the factors prompting them. In no case do you associate water procedures in the mind of the baby with any threats, and do not put conditions for the washing process (using the words "if ..., then").

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