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Children's coconut mattress: advantages


Most of his time a newbornThe child spends in a dream. Therefore, it is important for parents to make sure that the mattress in the crib is as comfortable as possible and also meets the requirements of orthopedists.

Children's coconut mattress: advantages
At the age of one year, the dorsal muscles of the baby are still veryWeak. Constant sleep on a soft mattress can lead to an early curvature of the spine and the appearance of concomitant complications. It is very important to choose a model that will support the spine, will not put pressure on soft tissues and at the same time it will not complicate the breathing of the child.

Coconut mattress: what is it

A mattress with coconut filler is considered oneOf the best options for a newborn baby. Coconut coir (in translation from Malayalam - "rope") - a natural material, derived from the nuts of a palm tree. Mature fruits are harvested and soaked in water for several months. Then, from the outside of the nut, the fibers are combed and dried. Before sending to production, the coconut coir is impregnated with natural latex. It increases the elastic properties and strength of the fibers.

In stores you can also find mattresses fromPressed coconut coir. Their disadvantage is that such a filler is less resistant to stresses. In a couple of months he will bend under the weight of the child, forming holes.

Advantages of a coconut mattress

A coconut mattress impregnated with latex meets all the requirements of orthopedists. It is quite tough and durable. Such a model will not crumble and will not change shape even after several years of use.

Coconut fiber contains polymer lignin. Thanks to him, the mattress will not start to rot in either dry or wet conditions. Features of this material include good ventilation: the mattress is not pre-heated and does not absorb odors. Antibacterial properties of coconut provide a reliable protection of the child's immunity. And, finally, the coconut mattress has good hygroscopicity: it dries quickly and is not afraid of high humidity in the room.

How old do you need a coconut mattress?

In the first year after birth, immunity and postureThe baby is just being formed. Therefore, doctors recommend to put in a crib a mattress of increased rigidity, made of hypoallergenic materials. Buying a model with coconut filler, pay attention to its cover. The fabric should also be natural: cotton, linen. Well, if the mattress cover is removable, it will allow to wash it from time to time.

At the age of after one year, you can change the mattress toModel of medium hardness. To save time and money, there are two-sided mattresses. One side is made of coconut, and the other is made of softer materials. From birth to the year the child sleeps on a hard surface, and after a year the mattress is turned over.

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