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Many parents with the beginning of a child's visit to the school are faced with the fact that they start complaining about the child's behavior.

These can be the teacher's remarks or complaints of the parents of other children.

In any case, there is nothing pleasant for them here.

And often parents show aggression in response, wanting to protect their child.

Do not give the child offense - completely understandableThe desire of any parent. But the fact is that exactly the same desire is driven by the parents of those children who suffer from the actions of the bully. Therefore, all the same, the parents of a child with behavioral problems will have to adjust the actions of their child.

The method of physical punishment in this case -Most inefficient and even harmful. Nothing, except isolation and bitterness, can not be achieved by violence. A child who is physically punished by his parents loses his trust in them. He is even more angry with others. Although fear can quite make a child behave in the presence of parents. But without them, the child will take revenge on everyone around him for the humiliation that his own parents subjected him. And, in the first place, his tyranny will be weaker. After all, parents allow themselves to be hit precisely because they are smaller and weaker than they are.

Parents should always be in the arsenalFirmness, consistency, but at the same time trust and sensitivity. If a child has problems with behavior, then parents will first have to establish contact with their own child. And only then in a heart-to-heart conversation the child can discover the true cause of his behavior.

At this moment it stands with all seriousnessTreat the child's words. Even if to parents something seems like a trifle, not requiring attention, for a child this can be a very serious and important moment. Having missed it or having laughed at it, it is possible to lose trust and sincerity of own child.

With all the love and tenderness that parentsTest to your child, punishment should be. It must be inevitable and adequate misconduct. At the same time, it is necessary to explain to the child what exactly he is being punished for and why in this way. After the punishment of the child is over, the parents should once again talk with him, but already affectionately. And at the end of the conversation, you can afford to hug your child and say your love for him. Parents should always remember that any problems of the child come from the family.

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