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The child - bully

Many parents from the beginning of schooling a child faced with the fact that they are starting to complain about the behavior of the child.

This may be the teacher comments or complaints from parents of other children.

In any case, nothing pleasant for them here.

And often parents exhibit aggression in response, wanting to protect your child.

Do not give offense to the child - a completely understandablethe desire of any parent. But the fact that exactly the same desire motivates the parents of those children who are suffering from the actions of a bully. So did the parents of a child with behavioral problems will have to adjust their behavior child.

The method of physical punishment in this case -most ineffective and even harmful. Nothing but the isolation and anger, violence is not achieved. A child who is exposed to physical punishment by parents, losing their trust in him. It is even more angry with others. While fear may well force the child to behave in the presence of some parents. But without them, the child will take revenge on all around for the humiliation to which he was subjected by their parents. First and foremost, it will be subjected to the tyranny of the weaker. After all, parents can afford to hit him, precisely because it is smaller and weaker than they are.

In the arsenal of the parents should always behardness, consistency, but at the same time confidence and sensitivity. If a child has behavior problems, the parents must first establish contact with their own child. And only then to talk heart to heart a child can discover the true cause of his behavior.

At this moment we should seriouslytake the words of the child. Even if the parents that it seems a trifle, do not require attention, for the child it can be very serious and important issue. Miss it or laugh at it, you can lose credibility and sincerity of her own child.

With all the love and tenderness that parentshave for your child, the punishment should be. It must be inevitable and appropriate misdemeanor. It should explain to the child what exactly he is punished and why it is so. After the child's punishment is over, parents should have another talk with him, but gently. At the end of the conversation it is possible to afford to hug your child and tell about her love for him. Parents should always keep in mind that any problems the child come from the family.

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