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How to check your typing speed

You can compare your speed with the regulations

In recent years, increasingly we have to see ads that are needed for office or bank employees with a certain typing speed.

Do you think that it is worthy to take this position, but I doubt if you have enough print speed?

Check it out.

Obviously, you are constantly typing text and managing to respond to several forums at the same time, simply did not consider how many characters per second you can give without errors.

You will need

  • Computer with Internet
  • Stopwatch



Print speed can be checked on the Internet. There are many sites that offer online testing, not only in Russian, but also others. For example, the site http://nabiraem.ru/test. In one text box is proposed in another -you are typing it, and the system itself determines how many mistakes and typos you made. The advantage of online testing is that you do not need any assistant, no additional equipment. Also, if a particular site is, in always possible to find another searcher. And you do not need to think about how the complexity of the test should be taken to "control work." The sites include the texts of medium difficulty, then there are those with whom you mostly have to deal.


If you for some reason do not likeonline testing, and you can use the off-line typing tutor. You can find them on the search engine. Many of them are free, they usually have a built-in timer, which will allow you to achieve the desired goal.


You can apply and the old grandfather's method -just note the time. But then you need to choose the text. It is best to print text that has been considering the signs. This is done by using the text of the program in which you are working. Most often used for this Word, which is the section "Tools" in the menu, and in it - "Statistics". The statistics said and Open Office, but - in the "File" section. Put the printed text left. Turn on the stopwatch and start typing. After you finish typing, immediately turn off the stopwatch. Spent time to be translated into seconds. Now the number of characters in the text must be divided by a set time. Get the number of beats per second. To calculate. How many characters you type per minute, it is necessary to multiply the resulting amount by 60. Compare the result with the one proposed in the announcement of the work or with the regulations.

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