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How to check your print speed

How to check your print speed

How fast can you type text using the computer keyboard? How many characters you manage to print per minute?

These questions are not always easy to answer, without testing yourself.

Meanwhile Eligible some job impose certain requirements related to the ability to quickly print.

Determine the print speed can be very simple.



The first method - the most trivial. You need to open your computer any text editor, set a watch with a second hand and start typing some text. After a minute should stop and count the number of entered characters. It should take into account the gaps.


Variations on this theme can be mass. For example, instead of hours, you can use a mobile phone or microwave oven timer, and when next to you is a person who is willing to help, time tracking can be charged to him. Counting characters, too, can be simplified. If you will be typing in the text editor Word, then on the bottom left panel, you can click an item "number of words" to see accurate statistics entered characters.


The second way - "advanced". On the Internet there are services, using which you will be able to determine the online mode speed Print. For example, you can try the tests at the following addresses: http://championship.nabiraem.ru/test. http://nabiraem.ru/test. http://gogolev.net/kb. On some sites, you can check speed set both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets.

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