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How to test your nerves

How to test your nerves

How does a person know if he has strong nerves? Nothing could be easier.

The main thing - do not overdo it, take precautions and be honest with yourself, then everything will fall into place.



The safest way - to make an appointmentneurologist. Consultation will open their eyes to the real facts about the features of your nervous system. With the help of special methods and techniques of Dr. identify minor deviations from the norm, or make sure that there is no reason for concern.


Remember how you behave when the form of cuts andinjuries people close to you. Do you swoon with minor bruises, if not dark in the eyes of the open fracture. If so, your nerves are not in order. If accidents happen rarely, you can not accurately describe their reaction, it is not necessary to experiment. Go to another method.


You flinch, jump up from his chair at theevery noise, prefer to sleep with the lights on? All the people you see caricatures thieves and robbers? You are talking or shouting in your sleep? - Do not need to check with the nerves, everything is clear, they are not in order.


Turn on the video, which will be kept in suspense, not necessarily about the killers and ghosts, can be criminal chronicle. Zaveste curtains, close the room. if soak - you have nerves of steel.


Ask someone to scare you. Get out into the hallway with the lights off and let someone jump out to meet him. If you scream - your nerves are not in place.


Jump with the parachute, go to conquer the summit of Mount Everest. Even if the thought of these pleasures of life will be at ease, and at night you wake up the feeling of flight - all the fault of tense nerves.

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