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How to test your knowledge of Russian language


How to test your knowledge of Russian language</a>

There are many reasons why a person decides to test their knowledge of the Russian language. This is not only preparation for the exam, but many other important moments in life.

Someone wants to be confident when writing business letters, the other - when communicating in forums and in chats or checking homework for their children.

Whatever it was, a good knowledge of the rules and norms of the Russian language adds confidence in written communication and gives an opportunity to better communicate with the interlocutor.

You will need

  • -computer with access to the Internet-
  • -school textbooks.



Choose one of the sites that offerCheck the knowledge of Russian language online. Most literacy tests are constructed in the form of tests. Tasks for them are often taken from the USE or are compiled according to a similar scheme. Consistently answer the test questions without using any auxiliary literature. If you want to test your knowledge of the Russian language - do not check the spelling of a word in the search engine or spy on the textbook - no one will blame you for the results. In any case, the test will reveal your weaknesses in language proficiency, and you will know what to work on. Check your knowledge, take your time. Be more confident - you all just passed it at school.


Another option to test knowledge of the Russian language -Sites where online spell checking and punctuation is conducted. Type any text, click the "check" button and you will learn the results of your work. The program will select words in which there are errors, and will prompt correct variants of their writing. This option has a big disadvantage - you can not be sure that the program has correctly checked your text. Sometimes it happens that she just does not notice the words written incorrectly, or vice versa, allocates those places in the text in which in fact you did not make a mistake.


Refer to a familiar Russian language teacherOr to any of those who practice tutoring. This option will allow you to pass the most qualitative test of their knowledge of the Russian language. The specialist will not only prepare tests and tasks for you, but will also explain all the points of interest to you much better than special programs will do. You can just give him the text for verification, so that he explains all the mistakes you made, or ask you to make test tasks for you.


Take the school books and tryTasks from them. Perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised by your knowledge, and perhaps upset - then it is worth reading the theoretical part before the assignment.

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