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How to check the hard drive

Checking a hard disk error will breathe new life into it

Part of computer problems and the fall of the computer's performance may be due to many reasons.

One of them ? the poor state of the hard drive, the presence of errors on it.

To solve these problems by doing the hard disk error checking.



Open My Computer. If you have the desktop is no corresponding label? go to the Start Panel, and then open My Computer.


Right-click on the drive you want to check. Look at its properties by clicking on the corresponding item drop-down menu.


Select the tab called Tools and click on the scan button. If you need? enter an administrator password or confirmation, if such a request is displayed.


Then you can put a check mark on severalflags. Check box Automatic correction of system errors allows to automatically correct any errors and malfunctions. When an unknown flag system will only inform the error.


Checkbox check and repair bad sectors will allow more thorough check of the hard drive, which, however, may require much more time.


Click the Start button and wait until the operationend. The larger the disk? the more time you will need to have it checked. To process proceeded as quickly as possible, do not run during the test drive any other tasks. And it is better to get away from the computer and do exercises for the eyes.

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