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How to check the hard drive


Checking the hard drive for errors will breathe new life into it</a>

Part of the computer problems and the drop in computer performance can be the result of many reasons.

One of them ? Unsatisfactory state of the hard drive, the presence of errors on it.

You can solve these problems by performing a hard disk check for errors.



Open My Computer. If you do not have a shortcut on your desktop? Go to the Start menu and open My Computer.


Right-click on the disk that you are going to check. Look at its properties by clicking on the corresponding item in the drop-down menu.


Select the tab called Tools and click on the checkout button. If you need it? Enter the administrator password, or confirm it, if such a request appears.


Then you can tickCheckboxes. The automatic system error correction flag will automatically correct all errors and errors found. If the check box is not checked, the system will only inform about errors.


Checking and repairing bad sectors check box will allow you to perform a more thorough hard drive check, which, however, may take a lot longer.


Click the Run button and wait until the operation is complete.Will end. The larger the disk size? The more time it will take to check it. To ensure that the process runs as quickly as possible, do not perform any other tasks during the disk check. And it is better to move away from the computer and do exercises for the eyes.

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