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personal bank card

Credit cards are widely used by the population for the payment of goods and services on the cards charge a salary, in connection with which it is often necessary to check the balance of a credit card.

You will need

  • Bank card, PIN code, the codeword may be required passport data.



Please use the ATM of the bank that issued youcard. Insert your card into the ATM, there will be instructions on the screen - Enter PIN - a numerical code that is issued to you in a sealed envelope with the receipt of a credit card. Then you can print the card balance, or view it on the ATM screen. At the end of the operation take away from your ATM card.


Call the bank. You can use the free hotline for customers to call or to a bank branch in the city. The operator will listen to you and asks for credit card details - its number, a code word that you used when you make a credit card. After that provide information about the card balance.


Log in to your personal account on the bank's website. Many commercial banks offer their customers internet banking service. This is an opportunity to monitor the credit card balance status without leaving home - enough to enter the site of the bank in a special window user name and password to get to your personal page - personal cabinet, with easy and convenient to manage your account credit card, monitor his condition and check the means to transfer them between accounts, pay for services.

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