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whether registration is necessary to work in Moscow

Do I need to register in Moscow

Moscow has always enjoyed great popularity among visitors to earnings.

Today, it is just as important. Moscow - the capital of Russia, a great city with great potential.

That is why here tend to come for permanent residence from all corners of our vast country, as well as from the near abroad.

The first and most important issue of concern to all visitors, whether registration is necessary to work in Moscow.

General provisions on registration

In accordance with current legislationany citizen residing outside the main residence addresses of more than 90 days, shall issue a temporary registration. Otherwise, according to the Code of Administrative Offences, after 90 days you will be fined 2,500 rubles. It is worth noting that foreign nationals with a dark skin color and narrow eye slit should not rely on the established 90 days and try to arrange the registration of the capital as soon as possible.
Temporary registration made out in accordancewith the "Law on freedom of movement" and "Rules of registration." The list of documents required for submission of the passport office to issue a temporary registration, as follows:
- A document certifying lichnost-
- Application fixed form-
- A document which is the basis for the Universe.
The reason for the universe is a living room and the owners consent to your stay in this room.

Register for the capital

For citizens who came to the capital for laborContract registration period usually coincides with the term of the contract. If the employment contract is extended, then the temporary registration must be renewed. Register at the place of work in Moscow issued for a period not exceeding 12 months.
There are cases of refusal to accept a jobcitizens without registration in Moscow. In fact, permission to work in the capital and in the capital of registration are completely independent from each other. And cases of refusal to work is not legitimate, however, employers are denied visitors citizens. This is due to the fact that the employer does not want to have problems with the lack of registration, plus the entire employer would himself engage in design of registration of its employees.
Based on the foregoing, the registrationcapital for the formal is not needed, but in fact - is needed. And if we consider the registration in Moscow without reference to the work, the need for registration depends on the capital visiting purposes. For most visitors the citizens in Moscow for a long time registration gives you more options than living without registration. Therefore, it is desirable to take care of temporary registration, to agree with relatives or find other options. Forewarned is forearmed.

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