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How to check if there is cancer


How to check if there is cancer</a>

Cancer diseases began to appear more and more often among the population. There are many reasons for this, including poor ecology, poor food and genetic predisposition.

If you suspect about the presence of cancer in yourself, as soon as possible, visit the hospital to identify the disease.



Make an appointment with an oncologist and tell us aboutThe one that bothers you. The doctor will examine you, prescribe a number of tests, as well as other studies, for example, ultrasound, mammography, computed tomography and other procedures - all depends on the location of the tumor. At an early stage to identify the cancer will help the usual analysis on oncomarkers.


Then the specialist will decide on theExpediency of carrying out of a biopsy - a fence of a small piece of a tumor for histological research. This is perhaps the most accurate way to determine from which cells the neoplasm consists. Do not be afraid, the fence procedure is under local anesthesia, so you will not feel pain.


After that, you will certainly know if you havecancer. But in very early stages, when the tumor is very small and the cancer does not poison the body with the products of decay, it is possible to make a false analysis. If you do not stop troubling this problem, go through the examination in a short time again.


Be attentive to your health, and whenThe first suspicious symptoms, go to the oncologist. Cancer is manifested by intoxication, pains in a certain area of ​​the body, palpable when pressure is applied to neoplasms, skin color changes, general malaise and fever. But all these signs can be slightly different, because everything depends on the affected organ.


Take regular preventive examination 1Once a year before reaching 40 years, then 2 times a year, unless, of course, you do not bother. This is the only way to detect cancer at an early stage, when it is still treatable.

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