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How to check if there are penalties

How to check if there are penalties

The quickest and easiest way to check is not listed there for you through the traffic police fines - to use a special online service, available on the portal of the federal public service.

The system will give the data available about your penalties across the country, and to bypass or ring up all the traffic police unit, where they can write down, you do not have to.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet-
  • - Registration on the portal of public services-
  • - The series and number of driver udostovereniya-
  • - The vehicle license plate.



If you do not have registration at the federalportal of public services, go to her. This procedure will take some time, free and easy. As login using your certificate number of the state pension insurance on a portal called SNILS.


Sign in to the portal using login and password or digital signature. In a private office, open the list of services provided by the Ministry of Interior, and select the option "Show on accrued penalties."


The system will prompt you to choose to enter license plateyour car or driver's license data. Then click the button "Check". In the first case, you will receive information on a specific machine. In the second - on all registered vehicles on you.

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