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How to check if drivers are installed

How to check if drivers are installed

Problems in any hardware in your computer can be linked to a lack of drivers.

To check availability and compatibility of some drivers, it is recommended to use additional tools.

You will need

  • - Driver Pack Solution.



First, open the Device Manager. To do this, right-click on the item "Computer" in the "Start" menu. Go to its properties and click the "Device Manager" menu. View a list of connected equipment. Those devices that do not have installed the appropriate set of files, will be highlighted by an exclamation mark.


To install the drivers using theautomatic mode Windows, right-click on the equipment name and select "Update Driver Software". In the menu that opens, select the automatic mode. Wait until the system will detect and install the appropriate files.


If not, then go to the sitethe manufacturer of the device. Try to find there the necessary files for the stable operation of the equipment. Download them. Now repeat the procedure for updating the files by clicking "Browse my computer for driver software." Select the folder in which you saved the downloaded files. It is advisable to pre-extract them from the archive.


Choose the appropriate files for certaindevices can be difficult. Install Driver Pack Solution program. It is a collection of software for the most popular types of devices.


Install the program, then restart the computerand run it. Immediately after the start of the process of scanning all the connected devices. Simultaneously, it will search the corresponding programs and files.


Open the "Driver" tab and tickin front of the package files that you want to download. Pre-study comments to the driver data. Now click "Install". Wait until the update process is complete and the program files for the selected devices. Restart the computer and check the performance of the drivers, open the Device Manager.

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