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How to check when buying a camera

Digital Camera provides ample opportunities for self-expression

Cameras have long overstepped the limits of professional workshops.

Now, the digital camera is available to everyone.

And if the popularity of film cameras descendedto nothing, the digital experiencing a real boom. This is due to the fact that with a digital camera is easy to take a photo, it can accommodate a lot of pictures, and most importantly - the result is visible srazu.Seychas have cameras in a wide price range and a different set of characteristics.

Therefore, choose the one which you need often very difficult.

A few tips on what to watch in the first place and what to check when buying a digital camera will not hurt you.



If you are an aspiring photographer or too difficult tomanagement unit is not worth taking. Fairly inexpensive digital? Soap dish ?. After all, to pay for the functions that you will not use, it does not make any sense.
The first thing to check when buying? is the number of pixels. They are often dependent on the cost. If you intend to print photos in standard 10x15, but not more, will be enough to 3 megapixels. If you are going to be processed in graphic programs and view on your computer, the more megapixels, the better. Now there are digital? Soap dish? Even with a resolution up to 12 megapixels.


The next feature? a matrix camera. It affects color reproduction, light sensitivity, noise in the picture, and so on. If the model has a manual setting of sensitivity? sumptuously. It will provide more opportunities for various shooting conditions. Matrix have? Soap dish? difficult to verify because most of the settings in her automatic. To check matrix of a professional SLR camera, you need to remove all the automatic noise reduction settings, color, exposure and focus, without having to remove the cover, take some pictures with different exposure. Then check while maximizing the availability of multi-colored dots. If the entire frame is not more than 6 such dots with matrix means okay. If there are more, then there are bad pixels and a camera is not worth taking.


The next feature that is worth checking out? This zoom. Increase in the camera can be a digital or optical. Most inexpensive digital cameras are equipped with digital zoom. More expensive models offer a choice, which increases the possibilities when shooting. Well, if the camera provides the opportunity to change the optics.


There are parts in the camera, which rarely gocomplete. This batteries, flash cards and cases. Batteries buy the largest capacity to a crucial moment, they do not run out. The same applies to the stick. The greater the volume, the better. The choice of the case is not complicated. The main thing is that the camera is protected from shocks.

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