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How to check the words with unstressed vowels in the root

Choose the word verification is quite simple

Errors in the selection of unstressed vowels in root words are quite common. This is difficult due to the abundance of stored rules and exceptions large number of them.

And not always at your fingertips have the spelling dictionary or too much time trying to be flipping.

However, in any situation, you can help the following algorithm.



Make sure that the unstressed vowel is indeed in radicallyBecause other parts of the word has its own special rules.


Check whether the root belongs to the group of radicallyth with alternating vowels: -ber - / - Burma, -blest - / - blist-, -gar - / - proud,-der - / - dir-, -zheg / zhig-, -zar / zor-, -kas - / - bone, -klan - / - klon-, -lag - / - false, -mak - / - IOC -, -measures - / - peaceful, Perot - / - pyrrole, -plav - / - plov-, -ravn - / - rovn-, -rast - / - rasch - / - growth, -skak- / -skoch-, -tvar - / - creative, ter - / - tir-, -chet - / - chit-. If you checked the root is not listed, skip to step 3. If you find here your desired root, then the following guidelines: 1) in the roots Azur / bir, shiny / shining, village / dir, burning / annealing, measures / world, AC / banquet ter / shooting range, odd / cheat is written "and" if, after the root is the suffix -a-, exceptions combination sochetat-
2) in the roots gar / Mountains, the clan / clone and the creature / solution without written accent "on" exceptions: slag, dross, prigar-
3) in the roots of the charge / set, melt / pilaf without written accent "and" excluding Republic: swimmer plovchiha-
4) radically kas / braid written "o", if, after the root has the suffix -n-
5) in the log / lodges roots stretching / rasch / grew up and gallop / scotch selection depends on the vowel followed by a consonant, but there are some exceptions: the industry, the usurer, shoot, jump, skachu-
6) radically Poppy / IOC written "a", if the word is associated with immersion (eg, dipping), or "o", if the word is associated with a gradual impregnation with moisture (such as waterproof) -
7) radically eq / smooth written "a" if the value associated with the same (eg, balanced), or "o", if the word is associated with the directness or smoothness (ie, smooth).


Determine which syllable is unstressedvowel, and try to choose the same root word, which would be the appropriate syllable unstressed. For example, to check the word "forest" with the unstressed vowel in the first syllable suitable cognate word "forest" where the stress falls on the appropriate syllable. In the audited word write the same letter that in the test.


If you can not choose the word verification, use the spelling dictionary. You can also check the spelling of the word online using the reference and information portal http://gramota.ru/. To do this, type in the word you are interested in replacing unstressed vowels in the test line radically to sign an asterisk (for example, m * discord). By the way, so you can check the unstressed vowels, which are in other common words.

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