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How to check the vulnerability

How to check the vulnerability

Have you noticed that some people on the same things tend to take offense more often than others?

For a man touchy serious cause pout may be already someone an evil look in his direction. Others, on the contrary, unperturbed, seemingly, under any circumstances.

And what type would you assign yourself as far as you are vulnerable?

You will need

  • The desire to understand themselves and a little time.



To answer this question, you will need a desire to understand themselves. and because it is not easy, and the time for it. What would have been able to test themselves on the vulnerability, We'll give you a little hint - you will be examined with the concept of "complex".
Psychoanalysts, first talked about itconcept argue that the complex - a charged energy in the human psyche, which is getting into quite painful for the person. Complexes are always associated with important events and things, and there are individual and universal. In your life there are important things and events? We believe that, yes. So your vulnerability is directly proportional to the number of things. Focus, write, count them.


But there is a universal complexes - are common to all the strings, hitting which can cause strong emotional resonance. They are divided into three groups:
- The complex person. We are talking about the things that people call in the first place, presenting themselves. This may be a social status, ethnicity, and other machine. Typically, women most significant and painful because of the complex is a private person's appearance, and men - income and potency.
- Professional development - cause doubts surrounding about the level of your education.
- Parental complex - when under attack put the reputation of your parents and children.
There is clear and without checks and calculations - they are at all, which means that you are vulnerable on at least three counts.


The above items indicate the presence of youvulnerability and affect it. This is basically normal. But you can learn to respond constructively to the harmful situation or the offender, thereby strengthening its rear to reduce vulnerability.

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