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How to check the voltage regulator


How to check the voltage regulator</a>

Boiling of the electrolyte in the car battery VAZ 2106 can provoke a faulty voltage regulator, allowing unnecessarily high voltage in the on-board network.

You will need

  • Voltmeter.



The working voltage regulator is checked on the running engine with the crankshaft speed not exceeding 3000 rpm.


So, the engine starts, and its speedAre brought to the indicated frequency, after which the voltmeter measures the voltage at the battery terminals. If the voltage does not exceed, in the case of de-energizing all electrical appliances, 14.8 V, then the regulator is OK. And if the voltage exceeds the specified data, then it will be necessary to connect the generator casing to the body of the machine with an additional cable, and if after the performed actions the voltage remains high, the data indicate a clear violation of the operation of the voltage regulator.


But in the case when after joiningOf the additional cable the voltage is stabilized and remains in the set mode, then it is necessary to clean the nominal contacts of the "mass" connection of the engine to the body of the machine.

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