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How to check the voltage regulator

How to check the voltage regulator

electrolyte boil-off in the car VAZ-2106 battery can cause a faulty voltage regulator, missing too high voltage on-board network.

You will need

  • Voltmeter.



Verification of efficiency of the voltage regulator is made with a running engine speed crankshaft speed not exceeding 3000 / min.


Thus, the engine is started, and its momentumbrought to this frequency, then the voltmeter measure the battery voltage. If the voltage does not exceed, in the case of power failure all appliances, 14.8 V, the regulator is serviceable. If the voltage exceeds the specified data, then the need to connect additional cables to the generator housing body of the machine, and if the above actions after the voltage will remain high, the data show a clear violation of the voltage regulator efficiency.


But in the case where after joiningadditional cable tension is stabilized and remains in a given mode, then you need to clean up regular contacts Connection "weight" of the engine from the car body.

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