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How to check the serviceability of the engine

How to check the serviceability of the engine

If the vehicle is used, it is necessary to pay much attention to its shortcomings, because former owners often hide the truth about what's going on under the hood of a car.

Where do you start?



Well adjusted and serviceable engineStarts at once, about a second after turning the key in the ignition. When the engine starts smoothly, without extraneous noise. Let the car run for a while. Wait two or three minutes and walk around the car to look at the smoke from the exhaust pipe. If the machine is working, you will see a light gray smoke, or do not see it at all.


If you see blue smoke - the car problema plunger and maybe you will have to touch the engine. If you see white smoke - into the cylinders in some way exposed to water. This is bad, because you have to change cylinders (at worst) or cylinder head gasket. Just white smoke can be when the engine is cold, but warming up when it should disappear.

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While the engine is not warmed up much, come and remove the radiator cap. If it is full, and no bubbles - all right. If on the contrary - it means broken cylinder head.


There is also a method for determining a faultby soot on the plugs. Nagar them to be serviceable engine with a light gray-brown. When it malfunctions can include: • Similarly to limestone. This means that no oil additives are burned.
• Nagar black. The mixture pereobogaschena.
• Nagar light, and near the central electrode has a small metal droplets. Candle overheats. This is likely to step-candle.

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