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How to check an account with passbook

How to check an account with passbook

Currently, the majority of Russian banks are practicing the storage and movement of funds on plastic cards.

Only in the "Sberbank of Russia" there are still savings books, and still the bank's customers are using them.

Although to some extent the use of plastic cards more convenient.

You will need

  • savings book, computer, internet, a passport, a pen.



Passbook citizens of the RussianFederation of plants for storage of deposits, as well as for wages and other payments, transfers which make employers and other structures. In order to know the account balance at the bank book, you must contact the branch of "Savings Bank", where you were registered bank account. Turning to the bank employee you must show an identity document and passbook.


The consultant will check the coincidence of passport data(Surname, first name, date and place of birth, when and by whom the document was issued), and details included on the first page of the passbook. With the full authenticity of the information worker "Savings Bank" to announce to you what the balance at the moment in your account, and, depending on your desire, to give a certain amount of money. All activities that occur under your account, recorded in the passbook.


The users of the services banks offercheck the account to the savings book with the help of an Internet resource. The "Savings Bank" has its own website, which is called "Sberbank.rf". To do this, go to your internet browser to the main website of the bank, then select the access to the bank via the Internet.


To activate the service "Sberbank Online" youyou must come to the branch of the "Savings Bank", or central office, show your passport and passbook. With your mobile phone, which is already connected to the service "Mobile Banking", you will need to send sms-message with the code to a certain number, which you will be informed consultants. In reply sms-message to your phone number will come free phone number. While making a call on it, you get an identifier for access to the service. And you will be able to check the movement of funds in the savings book, without leaving home and without standing in the queue of the bank offices.

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