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How to check the pump


How to check the pump</a>

The pump in the car's engine is the device necessary for the circulation of the liquid in the cooling system.

In the event of pump failure, the engine may be seriously damaged due to overheating, so it is important to check its condition.

Causes of damage to the pump

Pumps, or water pumps of different modelsCars are similar to each other: in the bearing cap there is a shaft with an impeller on one side and a drive pulley on the other, through which the pump rotor is driven by the timing belt. Between the impeller and the body is a special gland. If it is damaged, the coolant begins to leak to the bearings and wash out their lubricant. For this reason, the water pump bearings operate with noise and can jam. The process of bearing wear is not the fastest, but do not delay repair for a long time, otherwise such carelessness can cost an expensive engine repair.

Checking the condition of the pump

To check up serviceability of a pump it is possible severalWays. One of the simplest ways is that in which it is necessary to squeeze the upper hose coming from the radiator, preheating the engine of the car. If the water pump is in working order, a clear ripple of the coolant must be felt inside the hose.

When checking this way, be careful not to touch the water pump blades with your hands, as the engine is heated to a high temperature.

In the event that the seal was out of order, fromA special hole on the water pump will start to flow coolant. It is necessary to remove the timing belt cover and inspect the control and ventilation hole. If there are brown deposits on it, the epiploon should be replaced without the pump itself or with it.

The procedure for replacing the stuffing box is not very laborious and complex, but it strongly affects the serviceability of the cooling system as a whole, so it can not be neglected.

If the shaft bearings are damagedPump, during the operation of the engine you can hear a howling sound in its front part. To determine the wear of the bearings, it is necessary to check the shaft play by blurring the drive sprocket of the pump.
If there are no external signs of wearWater pump, it is recommended that you still remove the pump and conduct a more detailed inspection. This must be done, as often the blades are damaged from corrosion on the reverse side of the rotor. In this situation, the cooling system as a whole is in danger.

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