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How to check the pump

How to check the pump

The pump and engine - a device needed for the circulation of fluid in the cooling system.

In case of failure the pump motor can be seriously damaged due to overheating, so it is important to check its condition.

Causes damage to the pump

Pumps, water pumps and various modelscars alike: the cover is fixed on the bearing shaft on one side of which is the impeller and the other - the drive pulley, through which means the timing belt is driven by a rotor pump. Between the impeller and the housing built in special packing. If it is damaged, the coolant begins to seep to the bearings and wash their lubricant. For this reason, the water pump bearings operate with noise and may bind. Bearing wear process is not the fastest, but do not put off the repair for a long time, otherwise such carelessness can cost costly engine repairs.

Checking pump status

Inspect the pump can be severalways. One of the easiest ways is the one in which you need to squeeze the upper hose coming from the radiator, engine pre-heating car. If the water pump is in operation, the inside of the hose should feel crisp ripple coolant.

Carry out checks in such a way, be careful, be careful not to touch the blades of a water pump hands, as the engine is heated to a high temperature.

In the case where the system has gone out of the gland fromthe special hole on the water pump starts to pass coolant. It is necessary to remove the belt cover and inspect the timing control vent. If there are brown fat, oil seal to be replaced without the pump itself, or together with it.

To replace the oil seal is not very time consuming and difficult, but strongly affects the serviceability of the cooling system as a whole, so it can not be neglected.

If the damage was shaft bearingspump howling sound can be heard at the front of the engine during operation. To determine the bearing wear, check the clearance of the shaft by loosening the pump drive sprocket.
If there are no external signs of wearwater pump, it is recommended anyway to remove the pump and to conduct a more detailed inspection. This should be done as often on the back side of the rotor have to see corroded blade. In such a situation is endangered cooling efficiency of the whole system.

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