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How to check the personal account

How to check the personal account

Personal account - open the information to hide meaningless.

Withdrawal will not work without the knowledge of othersdetails, except that on the contrary, to put it in an account. Find out the account number on your card is very simple, a few simple steps and cherished tsiferki will be presented to your look.

The main thing do not confuse it and write the account number and abbreviated l / s.



Scroll down and locate the bank contractappropriate inscription. Carefully write down the numbers, as many of them, check again, you can make a mistake just one, then the transfer will not be carried out and the money will come back.


Some banks room scores and the card number are identical, so pay attention to that when searching for a combination of numbers. In any case, the contract must have all the information about all your scoreOh.


You can view score in the Internet. Enter the name of the bank, log in on the page and locate the line indicating the facial scorea. If you do not have keys and passwords from online banking to find out the number in such a way will not work. All keys and passwords, you can ask for a bank, you give them in an envelope, and then you can take advantage of them.


Go directly to the bank branch and asknecessary information from employees. If you currently need to have documents proving your identity. Although the number and not hidden, but it did not disclose to third parties.


If you need a facial score specific organization, contact them and you will call him. When paying on receipt of the facial room scoreas indicated in beside her with the rest of the essential elements, which are also needed. If you make money in various funds transfer, you can view all scoreand using the internet. Go to the website and write down the personal number scorea.

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