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How to check the lottery ticket

How to check the lottery ticket

Often it happens that a winning ticket, but the owner does not see the possibility of transmission, or he did not notice it that he won.

In this case, you can use a convenient way to check your lottery ticket, right from the comfort of home.

You will need

  • Lottery ticket, access to the Internet.



It is necessary to turn on the computer, go to the Internet and open the appropriate site where you can check your lottery ticket. For example, such a site can be www.i-loto.ru.


At the top of the page, locate the button labeled "Check ticket"And click on the link.


After clicking opens a window where you must enter the number ticketand, the name of the type of lottery. Then click "Check".


the answer will come at the bottom of a few seconds to the question of whether the lottery proved ticket winning. If ticket winning, you must contact the lottery or support through the contact information located on the site.

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