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How to check the license of Windows XP

How to check the license of Windows XP

By purchasing the software, you must be sure that buying a licensed product and is not a fake pirate.

cases of counterfeit Windows XP operating system is especially common.

There are several distinctive features of a licensed copy of the Windows family of operating systems from a fake.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - All available documents and packaging of the operating system-
  • - Internet access.



Go to the official Microsoft site. Select «Windows Authentication" menu, which is located in the upper right corner of the window. This is not exactly a reliable way, as many pirated versions of today can pass this test. They may even be available to download updates. It is better to use alternative methods, for example, check the license certificate.


If you have OEM-license (option when the copyWindows has a computer in the form of pre-versions), then look for the presence of a user certificate, which is usually glued to the computer case. It must be indicated the name of the product and a 25-digit license key.


If you purchased a boxed product - FPP(Software provided as a distribution on the disk, supporting documentation, etc.) to find the Certificate of Authenticity affixed to the box. It should contain the name of the product, and the sticker inside the box - 25-digit license key.


If you have a copy for the licensingthe installed operating system (GGK) Windows XP Professional, in this case, check on the availability of housing PC certificate of authenticity, which should include information on the product name and license key.


If you have a corporate license type, check the certificate, which can be pasted on any computer case, or on the box if you purchase the boxed version of Windows.

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