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How to check a Windows XP license


How to check a Windows XP license</a>

By purchasing software, the user should be sure that he buys a licensed product, not a pirated fake.

The cases of counterfeiting of the operating system Windows XP are especially common.

There are several distinguishing features of a licensed copy of the Windows operating system from a counterfeit.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - all available documents and packaging from the operating system-
  • - Internet access.



Go to the official Microsoft site. Select the menu item "Windows Authentication", which is located in the upper right corner of the window. This is not quite a reliable way, as many pirated versions to date can pass this test. For them, even download updates can be available. Therefore, it is better to use alternative methods, for example, check the availability of a license certificate.


If you have an OEM license (option, when a copyWindows is available on the computer as a preinstalled version), then pay attention to the presence of a user certificate, which is usually glued to the computer case. It must specify the name of the software product and the 25-digit license key.


If you purchased a Boxed Product - FPP(The software product is provided as a distribution on the disk, related documentation, etc.), find the certificate of authenticity glued on the box. It must contain the name of the product, and the sticker inside the box is a 25-digit license key.


If you have a copy for licensingInstalled operating system (GGK) Windows XP Professional, in this case, check the PC case for an authenticity certificate that must contain information about the product name and its license key.


If you have a corporate license type, check for a certificate that can be glued either to the computer case or to the box if you purchased a boxed version of Windows.

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