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How to verify the legality of the phone


How to verify the legality of the phone</a>

The demand for modern means of mobile communication, gives rise to the growth of proposals, which do not always correspond to the required quality.

Now, buying a phone even in a store, you can not be 100% sure of the legality and quality of the chosen product.



To verify the legality of the phone that you are going to buy, you will need to perform a few simple steps.
First of all, when you come to the store, look, is there a corner of the buyer? A copy of the permit for the sale of mobile communications equipment at this point of sale.


Remember that each device has a uniqueInternational code IMEI. It is indicated on the body, in the place where the battery is inserted. Just look for the same code on the factory packaging and in the warranty card. The code must be the same in all three places.


After the seller has provided youConnect the selected phone and check all its functions, dial on the phone? * # 06 # ?. The screen displays the IMEI code, which also must match the ones already checked. Otherwise, this will mean that the phone? Reflash ?. Do not buy such a device.


To finally check the legalityPhone, send an SMS with IMEI code to the short number 307. Almost immediately you should receive a message if this mobile phone is in the white list of the UGRC database or if there is no such IMEI.


Even if you have already paid for the phone and have issued the documents, you have every right to return it, because according to the established rules of trade, this phone is not of proper quality.


To avoid falling into the bait of scammers, beBe careful when choosing a store. Ask how long the organization works, look at the feedback on the quality of their service on different sites and forums.

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