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How to check the LCD screen of your TV for broken pixels


LCD TV must be checked for broken pixels</a>

When buying an LCD TV, you can get an instance with broken pixels on the screen. Return such a TV to the store will not be easy.

Therefore, it is important to know how to check the TV for broken pixels before buying.

A pixel is a cell that participates inThe formation of the image on the screen. The main pixel consists of three subpixels: green, red and blue. By combining these colors, you can achieve different shades and colors.

When the matrix is ​​working, the picture on the screen is free of defects. If a pixel or transistor that controls it is damaged, a defect appears, which is called a "broken pixel".

Broken pixels are non-fading and burning. A non-burning pixel appears as a black dot. The burning pixel constantly glows white. They appear on a contrasting background. Another defect is a broken, or "stuck" subpixel. It is glowed with one of the primary colors - blue, green or red.

Why check TV for broken pixels

The presence of broken pixels does not affect the overallOperability of the TV. Most manufacturers allow a certain number of defective pixels on the screen. This amount depends on the monitor class and is usually indicated in the warranty documentation.

If you do not check the LCD TV when buying andOnly at home to detect the presence of broken pixels, to return such a device to the store will be very difficult. If their number does not exceed the standard set by the manufacturer, the TV will not be accepted at the service center.

The manufacturer does not consider this a malfunction orBreakage. And the restoration of broken pixels in most cases is impossible. Therefore, check the TV directly in the store, where you can cancel the purchase if you find a defect.

How to find broken pixels

Check for broken pixels is pretty simple. Since faulty pixels have a constant color, they are well manifested on a contrasting background. You will need to display several color fills in sequence.

How to do it? It is advisable to connect the TV to a computer or laptop. This will allow you to use special programs to check monitors and TVs. In addition to checking for broken pixels, these programs will allow you to check a number of other important parameters. The most popular program for these purposes is TFTTest.

Not all stores will meet you andWill provide a computer. Of course, you can bring your laptop. But if the TV model you have chosen is equipped with a USB interface, it's enough to take a USB flash drive with you. Record it on the video with a sequential change of desired colors or just images with fillings of different colors.

Connect the drive to the TV and startVideo or image viewing. As the sequential playback of different colors, carefully inspect the entire screen area. The broken pixels, if they exist, will manifest themselves in the form of contrast points.

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