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How to check the correct installation

How to check the correct installation

For system administrators, the greatestthe problem starts when you reinstall the operating system or replace the old server to the new one. Just reinstall the operating system is not difficult, but to configure it, and even so it worked for several years without problems, not everyone's strength.

Most difficulties arise when setting up Active Directory together with the DNS settings.



You have installed the operating system, configure the DNS and Active Directory. Now the question is - and whether you do it right? You need to check all of our domain configuration. For this, after install and Active Directory settings, go to the menu"Administration", in the window that opens, you'll see that there were many all new icons. For you, at the moment the most important will snap «Active Directory - Users and Computers." Open it and check your domain name. In this section, for you the most important is the accuracy of a given name, ie the correct domain name.


Next, you need to click twice on the nameyour domain (you can click on the + sign) to open the domain container. In the window that appears, you must select the "Domain Controllers» (Domain Controllers). Also check the domain name.


Place the mouse cursor on the name of histhe domain controller that is in the right window and select from the context menu (displayed after clicking the right mouse button), select "Properties". You can also click twice on the left mouse button.


Should open a window with different tabs. Check all the data on the various tabs.

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