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How to check the installation


How to check the installation</a>

For system administrators, the largestThe problem starts during the reinstallation of the operating system or when replacing the old server with a new one. Just reinstall the operating system is not difficult, but to adjust it, so even so that she worked several years without problems, not everyone is able to.

The most problems occur when you configure Active Directory with DNS configuration.



You installed the operating system, configured DNS and Active Directory. Now the question arises: did you do it right? You need to check the entire configuration of our domain. For this, after Installations And Active Directory settings go to the menu"Administration", in the opened window you will see that there appeared a lot of new icons. For you at the moment, the most important is the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. Open it and verify the name of your domain. In this paragraph, for you the most important is the correctness of the given name, i.e. The correct domain name.


Then click twice on the nameYour domain (you can click on the + sign) to open the domain container. In the appeared window it is necessary to select the item "Domain Controllers" (Domain Controllers). Also check that the domain name is correct.


Place the mouse pointer over the name of yourThe domain controller that is in the right window and select the "Properties" item in the context menu (appears after right-clicking the mouse). You can also double-click on the left mouse button.


A window with different tabs should open. Check all the data on different tabs.

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